Cleaver’s Emerging Artists

Cleaver Magazine publishes work by writers and artists at all stages of their careers. We are especially committed to celebrating work by emerging writers and artists alongside established practitioners. We define “emerging” as young artists (under 30) or those of any age who are still in the early stages of their careers.

Our Emerging Artists range from teenage poets to new writers who have established careers in other disciplines. Cleaver‘s Emerging Artists have been listed among The Best American Essays, Best Small Fictions, Best Microfiction, and selected for republication by plain china, a national literary anthology that showcases the best undergraduate writing from across the country.

Issue No. 42, June 2023
Grayson Thompson, juniper poplar, poetry
Ky Lohrenz, Containment Failure, poetry
Gillian Perry, Somatics, fiction
J. Bradley Minnick, The Bankrupt Circus, fiction
Tom Sokolowski, Sunk By Mines, fiction
Pat Jameson, Distracted, fiction
Matthew Burrell, Five Seconds, fiction
Brendan Stephens, Hell’s Mountain, fiction
Pat Ryan, The Activist in the Nursing Home, fiction
Lauren Baker, Your Best Impression of an Earnest Man, fiction
Mikki Aronoff, Lift, flash
Jennifer Popa, Re-Mark the Body, But Know It Is Little More Than Kindling, flash
Samantha Padgett, An Unnamed Essay in Which the World Ends, but I’m Told Everything Is Okay, flash nonfiction
Sarah Myers, The Ride, flash nonfiction
Carolyn Alessio, Contraindicated, nonfiction
Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, When You Call His Mother from the Psych Unit, nonfiction

Issue No. 41, March 2023
Robin Kinzer, Mesenteric Panniculitis at Nine Months, poetry
Yujia Li, Pisser Clam, poetry
Kevin Eguizabal, The shape of a fog, poetry
Jordan Ranft, Creation Myth with Chorus of Worms In My Brain, poetry
Evan Anders, hummingbird sketches, poetry
Thomas Johnson, Shutting Down, fiction
A. J. Jacono, Sahara Dreams, fiction
Samantha Neugebauer, Villains, fiction
Mark Williams, Paraíso, fiction
Mary Lewis, Red Sun, fiction
Kelly Pedro, The Best Thing You Remember, fiction
Christine H. Chen, Mark My Words, flash
Erin Pesut, church, flash nonfiction
Megan E. O’Laughlin, Meditating in Hell, flash nonfiction
Shabrayle Setliff, To My Once and Future Body, nonfiction
Meg LeDuc, Witness to the Aria, nonfiction

Issue No. 40, December 2022
Paul Joseph Enea, Hiraeth, Flash
James LaRowe, 2020 April, Flash
Joe Alan Artz, A Contented Sun Rises, Flash
Lyn Chamberlin, The Prize Fighter, Flash Nonfiction
Amanda Hadlock, Let’s Lick It
Meredith McCarroll, Dark Matter, Flash Nonfiction
K. T. Moore,Whale Craters

Issue No. 39, September 2022
Lydia Downey, Shooting Buck, Poetry
Madeleine Gavaler, Zoloft Nanny, Fiction
Amy Savage, Haunting Vivian, Fiction
Suphil Lee Park, Off, Fiction
Andrew Vincenzo Lorenzen, How I Learned to Smoke, Fiction
Hannah Garner, First Choice, Fiction
Josh Krigman, Enough Fish, Flash
Dan Shields, A Brief History of The Mexican Tetra, Flash
Devon Raymond, Debt of a Daughter, Flash Nonfiction
Phil Keeling, 34 Feet, Nonfiction
Emily Parzybok, An Easier Story, Nonfiction

Issue No. 38, June 2022
Rebecca Ackermann, Birthing Lessons, Fiction
Lara Markstein, No Name Island, Fiction
Maggie Mumford, Intuition, Fiction
Mitchell Untch, Twin I, Twin II, Poetry
Mateo Perez Lara, Memory Remains as Skeleton, Poetry
Mimi Yang, A Letter from my Father to Me, Poetry
Matt Thomas, Pop Song, Poetry
Rosemary Jones, Shadow Water Flash Nonfiction
Tess Kelly, Playhouse Flash Nonfiction
Jamie Nielsen, Confessions of a Careless Cabbage Person, Flash
Will Musgrove, The Drive Home, Flash
Deb Fenwick, Riding West Toward the Woods, Nonfiction
Luisa Luo, Six Rants from a Nasty Yellow Girl, Nonfiction

Issue No. 37, March 2022
Colette Parris, Extra Credit, Fiction
Charlotte Moretti, Running Alone at Night, Fiction
Eric Rasmussen, Meaningful Departures, Fiction
AJ Strosahl, N ̓x̌ax̌aitkʷ, 1984, Fiction
Cristina Trapani-Scott, Even in the Dark, Flash
Amy R. Martin, Skate Haven, Flash
Jessica Klimesh, Walking on the Furniture, Flash

Issue No. 36, December 2021
Bree Smith, Shelter, Nonfiction
Dhaea Kang, Masquerade, Nonfiction
Christine Muller, Adult Swims, Nonfiction
Amy Savage, Why Don’t You Shut Up, Why Don’t You Speak Up?, Fiction
Eliot Li, A Place of Comfort, Flash
Lori Sambol Brody, Pas De Deux, Flash
Margaret MacInnis, Enough, Flash
Andrea Lynn Koohi, Cleaning House Flash Nonfiction
Grace Kennedy, Making a Cake, Flash Nonfiction
Cassie Burkhardt, Spontaneous Bungee Jump, Flash Nonfiction
Cassie Burkhardt, The Truth, Flash Nonfiction

Issue No. 35, September 2021
E. A. Farro, Packing for an Overnight at the State Capitol, Nonfiction
Sarah Schiff, Lab Rat Vengeance
Regan Puckett, Leftovers, Fiction
Peter Amos, Nights When I’m Tired, Fiction
J. M. Parker, Autopsy, Fiction
Sara Davis, Two Students Walk Into A Bar, Flash
Virginia Eggerton, Inhospitable, Flash
Kathryn Silver-Hajo, Thousand-Watt Smile, Flash
Nikolaj Volgushev, Moderna, Flash
Sara Mae, Bioluminescence, Poetry
Danny Cooper, flats, Poetry
Tingyu Liu, Monocular, Poetry

Issue No. 34, June 2021
Lindsay Rutherford, How a Girl Grows Up, Nonfiction
Courtney Elizabeth Young, cleave., Nonfiction
Lizzy Lemieux, Loaves, Fiction
Dylan Cook, Plenty of Fish, Fiction
Courtney Thorne-Smith, Girl on Fire, Flash
Christine Muller, Antony and Cleopatra, Flash
Sara Davis, Ever Given (Flash Nonfiction)
Anika Pavel, An Unfulfilled Dream (Flash Nonfiction)
Tracy Rothschild Lynch, Sponge Bath (Flash Nonfiction)
Esther Ra, Shelter, Poetry
Savannah Slone, manic / depressive, Poetry
Soheon Rhee, Paper mache on the drain, Poetry

Issue No. 33, March 2021
Todd Clay Stuart, Cherry Bomb, Flash
Gabby Capone, The Lobster, Flash
Kate Peterson, At a café in Victoria, BC two grey-haired men talk about love, Poetry
Ali Kojak, I’m Not Sorry, Nonfiction
Nick Olson, San Andreas Heaven, Fiction

Issue No. 32, December 2020
travis tate, Where I Wait for You, Poetry
Meggie Royer, The Second Step, Poetry
Peter Wear, Havana, Illinois, August 2020, Poetry
Louise Barry, Slow Starter, Creative Nonfiction
Jinna Han, I Like It, Creative Nonfiction
James Stewart III, Silent Killer, Creative Nonfiction
Christina Berke13 Ways of Looking at Sex, Creative Nonfiction
Maya Savin-Miller, Christ (or Maybe John Lennon) In a Prison Waiting Room, Creative Nonfiction
Susan Hamlin, Instructions for Cohabitating with an Aging Parent, Creative Nonfiction
Samantha Campagna, A Clamor of Voices, Creative Nonfiction
Sydney Steward, The Moment I Knew I Loved _____, Creative Nonfiction
Dylan Cook, The Greener My Grass, Fiction
L.L. Babb, Where Have You Been All Your Life, Fiction
Mike Nees, Flare, Fiction
Morgan Motes, Heavy Breathing in Night, Art
Steve Gergley, Sunrise, Flash
Darlene Eliot, Catching Air, Flash
Neil J. Suit, House of Mirrors, Flash
B. Bilby Garton, Aural, Flash

Issue No. 31, September 2020
J’nai Gaither and Phoebe Funderburg-Moore
Reparations Wine Label, Art & Creative Nonfiction
Freesia McKee, Eleven Micro-Memoirs from the Pandemic, Creative Nonfiction
Seyda Akyuz-Mannion, Violation, Fiction
Jared Lemus, Night Class, Fiction
Ben Austin, Smoky, Fiction
Steph Jones, A Sack of Potatoes, The Tired Farmer, & The Mighty World, Visual Narrative
Chi Siegel, my lover starts seeing, Poetry
Rosemary Kitchen, Field Notes for the Magician: Sleight of Hand, Poetry

Issue No. 30, June 2020
Madeline Rile Smith, Connected Breath,  Art
Melissa Brooks, The Living and the Dead, Fiction
Jamie Alliotts, Hard Tack, Flash
Jaewon Chang, Blindness & Pandesal, Poetry

Issue No. 29, March 2020
Caroline Curran, Clean Lines, Fiction
Tatyana Sundeyeva, Gaslight and Shadows, Fiction
Uma Dwivedi, how to comb someone’s hair, Flash
Juheon Rhee, Two Poems, Poetry

Issue No. 28, December 2019
Anna Oberg, Bellecastle Street, Flash
Mary Senter, A Saturday Morning Email…, Flash
Jude Vivien Dexter, bus plunge, an other opera, Flash
Theo Greenblatt, A Family Man, Fiction
Jeremy Radin, Ode to the Nectarine; Marriages, Poetry
Keygan Sands, Coaxing Life from Dead Man’s Fingers, Creative Nonfiction
Kharys Ateh Laue, In Ward G, Creative Nonfiction

Issue No. 27, September 2019
Natalie Gerich Brabson, Expecting Him, Fiction
David Priest, Constance Comes Home, Fiction
Benjamin Renne, Sonnet for Alexandria, Poetry
Sophia Friis, Biscuit Poem, Poetry
Kathryn Fitzpatrick, After Miss Columbia, Creative Nonfiction
Misty Urban, Making Humans, Creative Nonfiction
Taleen A. Shaleh, Tiny Things, Flash
Stephen Wack, Live Forever, Flash
Vivien Cao, The Passengers, Flash
Jason Emde, Postcard from a Japanese Boxing Gym, Flash

Issue No. 26, June 2019
Geri Ulrey, Leave No Trace, Fiction
Dyllan Moran, I met my long lost brother for the first time last year, Poetry
Anne Price, On the Mysterious Noise Out of View of the Bedroom Window, Poetry
Lauren Jacquish, A Chameleon is a Lizard is a Constellation is an Inconstant Person, Poetry
Sophie Herron, Valentine’s (Emily II), Poetry
Kat Saunders, Magic Cicadas, Creative Nonfiction
Jessie Glenn, A Knife to A Mother, Creative Nonfiction
Susan Scott Peterson, Though You Are Grateful, Creative Nonfiction
Arya F. JenkinsSeed, Flash
Allison Dreier, Daisy’s Boy, Flash
Micah L. Thorp, The Vulture, Flash
Tory Lord O’Neill, Twelve, Flash

Issue No. 25, March 2019
mud howard, heat wave, Poetry

Catherine Chen, The Ordinary is Worth Investigation, Poetry
Will Stanier, The Garden and Poem (in Traffic), Poetry
Brigit Andersson, Zoë, Poetry
Dan Kraines, Lines on the Way to a March, Poetry
Roy White, The Damage is the Truth, Poetry
 Joshua Rysanek,The Waiting Room, Nonfiction
Rae Pagliarulo, Me and Mrs. Bee, Nonfiction
Carroll Sandel, Statement of Account, Nonfiction
Erica Plouffe Lazure, Because I Love Her, Flash
Sue Mell, All The Chinese Food in the World, Flash
 Will Schick, What Will Grow You Up Real Fast, He Said, Flash
Michelle Geoga, Fence, Flash
Sydney Smith, The Housekeeper, Flash
Marie Baléo, Dispatches from Dead City, Fiction

Issue No. 24, December 2018
d.r. shipp, With Each Passing Day, The More, Poetry
Erik Fuhrer, Stonehenge, Poetry
Christopher Blackman, Pax Romana, Poetry

Heather Holmes, Terms and Conditions, Poetry
Peter Leight, The Tower in Our City, Poetry
Isabel Theodore, Human Hydroponics, Flash
Naomi Xu Elegant, Dinner, Fiction
David Marchino, Origin Story, Creative Nonfiction
Megan Lunny, A Brief Guide to Dissecting the Fingernails of a Quiet Girl, Creative Nonfiction
Andrew Jason Jacono, Marlowe, Creative Nonfiction
Blake London, Sean’s Room, Creative Nonfiction

Issue No. 23, September 2018
Daniel Blokh, November 23, 2013, Creative Nonfiction

Andrew Chang, Watching Po-Po Breathe, Creative Nonfiction
Susan Celia Greenfield, Penis Envy, Fiction
Jeff H.Creativity School, Flash
Patricia Hartland, where we come from, Poetry
Jared Levy, Waiting for You in Paris, Fiction
Holly Li, The Revolution Is Not Dead: I’m Wearing It, Creative Nonfiction

Samuel Lieb, Thunder in the Raindrop, Flash
Maya Owen, Carte Blanche, Poetry
Michael Riess, Peanut Man, Fiction
 Juliana Roth, This is Not a Story, Fiction

Andrea Ruggirello, The Hungry Man Challenge, Fiction
Randall SederDonut Shop, Creative Nonfiction
Abbigail Yost, Recurring & How to Break a Heart, Flash

Issue No. 22, June 2018
Elaine Cannell, the second motion, Poetry
Mariah Gese, The Cat Apocalypse, Flash
William Hengst, Death in August, Creative Nonfiction
Natalie Kawam, To Each Her Own, Poetry
Sahalie Angell Martin, Apocalypse Then, Creative Nonfiction
Jake Montgomery, The High Road to Tiffin, Poetry
Laura Moretz, The Fall Zone, Fiction
David Nolan, Coop, Flash
Lynn Oseguera, Barren, Flash
Erin Pienaar, Ladies Night, Flash
Ron Riekki, Destin, Flash
Joshua Wetjen, Numbers, Flash
Emily Wick, Quarry, Creative Nonfiction
Gloria Yuen, From Here to There, Fiction
Z. Shuff, Ode to the Record Holder, Creative Nonfiction

Issue No. 21, March 2018
Nicole Burney, The Day After Brahma Opened One Eye, Poetry
Stuti Pachisia, Mixed Medium Art, Poetry
Ploi Pirapokin, Filter Feeding, Flash
Nikki Stavile, Misveneration of the Saint of Lost Things, Flash
Youssef Helmi, Reflecting, Flash
Avery Bufkin, Fifty-Fifty, Fiction
Charlotte Bausch, Driving Lessons, Creative Nonfiction

Issue No. 20, December 2017
Marie BaleoFive Stars, Flash
Sylvie Bertrand, From North Dakota to Manitoba, Flash
Yuki Yoshiura, Labeling, Flash
David Satten-Lopez, Peety (Washington, D.C., 1959), Fiction
Grace Coberly, The Collected Drafts of Jessica’s Christmas Card to her Ex-Husband, Fiction
Ollie Dupuy, Beauty in Eleven Encounters, Creative Nonfiction
Rachel Nevada Wood, Pomegranate, Creative Nonfiction

Issue No. 19, September 2017
Reggie Mills, The Buggy, Flash
Cary J. Snider, The Bird, Fiction

Issue No. 18, June 2017
Julia Gourary, Collateral Damage, Fiction
Alex EakerWhen Two Brothers Are The Same Age, Flash
Krys Malcolm BelcWhile Trying to Decide Whether or Not…, Flash
Sara K. Bennett, The First Time, Flash
Sara Schuster, My Father’s HairCreative Nonfiction
William Scott Hanna, Little Blue Box, Creative Nonfiction
Allegra Armstrong, Maze of the Giant Heart, Creative Nonfiction
Victoria-Lynn Bell, Five Things, Creative Nonfiction

Issue No. 17, March 2017
Kristen Brida, Describe to me your initial reaction when you got here, Poetry
Shannon Cothran, Brothers, Boys, and What I Can Do, Creative Nonfiction
Sean Flood, Hydroquinone, Poetry
Youssef Helmi, More, Flash
Christine Hennessey, Anatomy Lesson, Flash
Kyle Kouri, Fuck Donald Trump, Fiction
Nadia Laher, Snake, Flash
Rachel Oestreich, Housekeeping in Seven Cigarettes, Fiction
Ajay Patri, Salvage, Flash
Elizabeth Schmidt, True Salt, Flash
Sydney Tammarine, Barycenter, Creative Nonfiction
Jeevika Verma, dark, darker, Poetry
Madeleine Wattenbarger, Future Ecologies, Poetry

Issue No. 16, December 2016
Sam Brighton, Tiny’s HeartCreative Nonfiction
Elisabeth Lloyd Burkhalter, Don’t Touch
Alexander Cendrowski, The Observationalist, Fiction
Michael Corrao, Beat Boy, Poetry
Michael Fischer, Welcome Home, Creative Nonfiction
Ben Nardolilli, Affirmation
Olivia Parkes, The Half GlassFlash
Kelly R. Samuels, Phase Three of Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy, Fiction
Casey Whitworth, A Land More Beautiful Than Here
Jack Wills, Intern, Flash

Issue No. 15, September 2016
David Ishaya Osu, What Was Told, Poetry
Meggie Royer, Testimony, Poetry*
Cady Vishniac, Panhandle, GulfPoetry
Crystel Sundberg-Yannell, Dancing Doe and the Go-Go-Go, Fiction
Alec Hill, Persimmons, Fiction
Connor Fieweger, A Family, Fiction
Kaitlyn Burd, * fictitious forces, Flash
Daniel Aristi, Benthic, Flash

Issue No. 14, June 2016
Kenzie Allen, Light Pollution and Letters I Don’t Send #4, Poetry
Evan Anderson, In the Beginning Was the End, Flash
Daniel Aristi, Askew / Torcida, Flash
Kea Edwards, Enchantment!, Fiction
Matthew DiPaoli, A Comedy in One Act, Fiction
Christian Anton Gerard, Aubade in Afternoon, Poetry
Robert E. Heald, River Rising, Poetry
Harley Lethalm, On playing an old Jackson guitar…Fiction
Meg Pendoley, Birch Waters, Fiction
Ushshi Rahman, Lee the Baptist, Poetry
Jon Riccio, Insular, Poetry
Lisa Romeo, Break A Leg, Creative Nonfiction
Meggie Royer, Graduation Day, Poetry
Marya Zilberberg, Cutting Corners, Flash

Issue No. 13, March 2016
Kristen Herbert, Mouettes, Fiction
Emanuel Melo, TiagoFiction
Svetlana Beggs, The Love NoteFlash
Rebecca Lee, Mouse MeatFlash
Erika Dane Kielsgard, The ScorpionPoetry
Odelia Fried, ProphetPoetry
Niyathi Chakrapani, Ode to the Quiet RoomPoetry
Aaron Graham, GethsemanePoetry
Tyler Kline, CockcrowPoetry
Meggie Royer, SugarPoetry
Mark Schoenknecht,  Vaseline SandwichesPoetry
Smriti Verma, News DeliveryPoetry
Carmella de los Angeles Guiol,  Night OwlCreative Nonfiction
Bryanna Licciardi,  The Baby TrainCreative Nonfiction

Issue No. 12, December 2015
Laurel Hooker, Why Draw Trees?, Art
Nigar Alam, More Than A Pause, Fiction
Grace Singh Smith, The Very Diverting History of Maya, Fiction
Susannah Betts, a little handsy, Poetry
Eliza Callard, Shadows, Poetry
Samuel Hovda, Angel of the Meridian, Poetry
Lena Popkin, Pinto los Flores Para Que No Mueren, Poetry
Teniola Tonade, To the Haughty Visualist, Poetry
Alex Vidiani, Stone Food, Poetry
Erin Victoria Bradley, The Secret World of Yayo, Flash
Chua Yini, Action at a Distance, Flash
Betsy Campbell Stone, My Father’s Arms, Creative Nonfiction
Robert Henway, The Insignificant Remains, Creative Nonfiction

 Issue No. 11, September 2015
Paula Rivera, The Dogs of San Juan and the Fish of PhiladelphiaArt
Eliza Callard,  Nature PoemPoetry
Samuel Hovda, Eternal CalmPoetry
Mica Evans, Get Behind Me, SatanPoetry
Michal Leibowitz, BirdshotPoetry
Zoe Stoller, Something Special About This StreetPoetry
Laurin DeChae, Alpha ∞ OmegaPoetry
Kylie Lee Baker,VoltageFlash*
Caitlin McGill, WaningFlash
Rachael Tague, My Boyfriend’s Estranged GrandfatherFlash
Shannon Viola, Touched from the SkyCreative Nonfiction
Kirsten Aguilar, The Death of a BabyCreative Nonfiction
Tasha Coryell, The Yellow FacemaskFiction

 Issue No. 10, June 2015
Svetlana Beggs, AlinaFiction
Shmu’el Bashevis Ben’yamin, Black Wings Flapping, Fiction
Kamden Hilliard, the energizer bunny leads a march on washington, Poetry
Chelsea M. Harris, Cream Flavored & Cherry Scented, Flash
Agatha Hinman, In the Headlights, Flash
Megan Magers, After Donnie Darko, Flash
Eliza Callard, Pills, Poetry
Autumn McClintock, Arles, Poetry
Charnell Peters, Synesthesia and You, Flash
Jessi Terson, Women and Losers, Nonfiction
Hannah Allen, Judging Distance, Nonfiction

Issue No. 9, March 2015
Elizabeth Alexander, Tony, Flash
Patrick Ball, Geology, Fiction
Ariella Carmell, Double Feature, Fiction
Donald Collins, Jeep, Red, Fiction
Nadia Laher, Zumba Fever, Flash
Rebecca Lambright, Just Read, Nonfiction
Cheryl Smart, Horses in the Wrinkle, Nonfiction
Tara Stella, Hidden in Plain SightArt
Leticia Urieta, Querencia, Fiction

Issue No. 8, December 2014
Charlie Keys Bohem, Your Royal Highness, Flash
Alina Grabowski, BergamotFiction
Sanaë Lemoine, The Slow Acts, Fiction
Charles Ramsay McCrory, No-BakeFiction
Annika Neklason, The HerdFiction
Amanda Silberling, Variations on Second ChildrenPoetry
Ingrid Claire Wenzler, A ReplacementFlash

 Issue No. 7, September 2014
Alli Katz, Cats, Art
Caleb Murray, Metempsychosis, Fiction
Jan-Erik Asplund, Emily, Fiction
Carly Eathorne, Making Eggs, Poetry
Michael Head, Small, Flash Fiction
Amelia Fowler, Space and Time, Nonfiction
Amber Officer-Narvasa, Borderland, Nonfiction

Issue No. 6, June 2014
Ilana Ellis, Portraits of Friendship, Art
Erin Peraza, The Thing About a Boat-in-a-Bottle is Nobody Steers, Fiction
Brooke Schifano, The Insides, Poetry
Shaun Turner, Kentucky Snakes, Flash Fiction
Devin Kelly, Growing Up, Flash Ficton
Tricia Park, On the Q, Nonfiction

Issue No. 5, March 2014
Anastasiya Shekhtman, The Old Man and the Pool, Art
Brennan Cusack, How to Master Social Media, Fiction
Alina Grabowski, Scorcher, Fiction
Juniper Green, Degenerative Diseases of the Brain, Fiction
Molly McGinnis, Better, Fiction
Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Places to Walk Out To, Fiction
Shannon Viola, In My Time, Nonfiction

Issue No. 4, December 2013
Brian Druckenmiller, Vinyl, Fiction
Emma Greenberg, The Ferry, Fiction
Mohammadreza MirzaeiFrancesca, Fiction
Peter LaBerge, Testimony After the Varicocelectomy, Poetry
Catherine Mosier-Mills, Christmas 2009, Flash Fiction
Kristen Sharp, Telescopes, Flash Fiction
Kaori Fujimoto, In the Absence of Culinary Mentors, Nonfiction

Issue No. 3, September 2013
Morgan Gilbreath, The Ground Beneath My Feet, Art
Julia Hogan, Remnants, Fiction
Ashley Paxton-Turner, Liney’s Sense of It, Fiction
Sarah Van Name, The Wasps and the Queen, Fiction
S.I. Adams, Pesante Con Moto/Allegro Barbaro, Poetry
David Poplar, Navigation by Spoonlight, Poetry
Lydia Pudzianowski, Ghost Story, Flash Nonfiction
John Michael Mumme, On (And Off) Consistency, Nonfiction
Hannah White, Adventures in Gym Class, Nonfiction

Issue No. 2, June 2013
Leah Koontz, Bi-Product, Art
Chris Ludovici, Daisy, Fiction
Caleb True, The Pain, Fiction
Anna Strong, from Aposthropes, Poetry
Amber Lee Dodd, Crocodile Hands, Flash Fiction
Carly Greenberg, Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Flash Fiction
Anya Lichtenstein, Beating Ploughshares into iPods, Nonfiction

Issue No. 1, March 2013
Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Photographs, Art
Darlene P. Campos, And We Slept in a Wigwam, Fiction
Max McKenna, Gary’s Sister, Flash Fiction
Kristen Martin, Between the Frames, Nonfiction

.5 Preview Issue, February 2013
Martha Cooney, Cormac, Flash Fiction
Anna Strong, Dear Couch, Poetry
Samuel Thompson, Sonata for Clavier and Violin, K. 526 (September 2008)


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