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Find community and grow your craft in our online workshops. We host both synchronous and asynchronous courses using Zoom and Canvas, an easily accessible, private online platform. Whether you’re a new writer or a well-published pro, you’ll find motivation, structure, constructive criticism, and a dedicated cohort.

Instructor: Beth Kephart

Date: Sunday, July 28th, 2024, 2-4 pm ET on Zoom

Can’t make it on July 28th? No problem. A recording will be sent to all registrants.

Cost: $60

Open to writers of: All Genres

“Details aren’t automatically interesting,” Sarah Manguso once wrote, an aphorism that rings abundantly true. Details either illuminate the story or occlude it. They establish a pattern, render a character, extend an invitation to a particular time and place—or they make a mess of things. How do we know if the details we layer into our stories are truly telling details? How can we expand our capacity to generate fresh and meaningful details, while vanquishing those that are merely fluff or, worse, self-negating contradictions? In this master class, we’ll look to the work of Claire Keegan, Elizabeth Hardwick, and James McBride—isolating key details, taking note as those details evolve across pages, and discussing the additive impact. Generative prompts will be offered, as will opportunities to collectively edit oversaturated prose that will be created expressly for this purpose. This workshop is for writers at all stages, working in all genres.

Learn more about Beth Kephart here.

Instructor: Megan Stielstra

Date: Sunday, August 25th, 2024, 2-4 pm ET on Zoom

Can’t make it on August 25th? No problem. A recording will be sent to all registrants.

Cost: $60

Open to writers of: All Genres

“Literature does its best to maintain that its concern is with the mind,” wrote Virginia Woolf in 1926. “On the contrary, the very opposite is true. All day, all night, the body intervenes.” This workshop examines how memory lives in the body, using our own stories and experiences as a contribution to a wider cultural and political dialogue that centers human beings. Pulling from both literary and oral storytelling traditions, we’ll engage in activities that will take our writing out of the head and into the body, generating new work and digging deeper into material you’re already exploring. Writers and storytellers at all levels are welcome. While the workshop centers the personal essay/memoir, writers of all genres may find it useful in the development of story and character.

Learn more about Megan Stielstra here.

Instructor: Andrea Caswell

Date: Sunday, October 27th, 2024, 2-4 pm ET on Zoom

Can’t make it on October 27th? No problem. A recording will be sent to all registrants.

Cost: $60 (Personalized Feedback option adds $50)

Open to: All fiction and nonfiction writers

This two-hour master class reframes revision as a dynamic collaboration between writer and text, rather than a combat sport. How can we embrace revision as a creative partnership that helps us transform our work into its next iteration? In what ways might we nurture both the work and ourselves during these transformational stages? Writers will leave the session with a set of actions they can take to begin or continue the process of revision on a short story, essay, or longer work. The first twenty students to register will have the opportunity to submit a piece (up to 800 words) to the instructor for personalized feedback for an extra fee of $50. Work must be submitted at the time of registration. Feedback will be returned no later than two weeks from class date.

Learn more about Andrea Caswell here.

Recorded Classes

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One-on-one editorial feedback for works-in-progress.

Nonfiction Clinic
One-on-one feedback and guidance for creative nonfiction writers

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One-on-one feedback and guidance for fiction writers


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