FUTURE ECOLOGIES by Madeleine Wattenbarger

by Madeleine Wattenbarger

Today’s look: be merciful
I gently suggest

that you check the earth on which you stand—
Ye are actually pretty rich

My friends, we have a job
Step aside Mother Earth

Vote or the dark happens
If it still happens, is this foreshadowing?

Do presidential candidates cry when traveling?
Politics is unfit for love

Ye are holding the world:
Given the light, a scramble to live

Ye are so connected
Ye are a child’s eyes

Ye are just a food
Only time will tell

I feel like being a beacon
Ye are online

Madeleine Wattenbarger lives, eats, & writes poems on her phone during crowded metro rides in Mexico City. Her writing has been published in ApiaryGhost Town and on the Philadelphia Inquirer arts blog, among other places. She is originally from Philadelphia.


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