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One-on-one feedback and guidance for creative nonfiction writers


One-on-one feedback and guidance for fiction writers

What Our Students Are Saying About Cleaver Workshops:

The class helped me write in a more confessional way, and to explore the experience and the confusion of being in my body. I now dig deeper into this embodied experience.

[The workshop] freed me up to write exploratory pieces that were outside of the style of writing I customarily do. Also, the comments I got from the teacher and from classmates on one of the pieces I submitted caused me to think a lot about being clear with myself about what the focus of a piece is and to ask myself why I’m writing it and what I’m trying to get at.

Kathryn gives excellent constructive feedback with concrete suggestions to improve and deepen my writing. Also, the students who enroll in her workshops are of a higher caliber than other online writing courses I’ve taken. Reading their writing and receiving their feedback is invaluable.

These classes with Kathryn are truly amazing—the other writers I’ve met there have been fantastic (and produced work that often goes on to be published; sometimes I’ve been able to place work afterwards, too).

Working in a small group made me experiment more and take more risks with my writing. Weekly group meetings plus the optional one-to-one Zoom meet with the instructor at the end? Excellent!

Having more historical context for poetry has given me much inspiration for creating new poems and a greater understanding when I read poetry.

Turning an essay on its head–or side, or bottom– is an invaluable exercise. It expands the possibilities of how we can share true experiences with others by a factor of a million.

Sydney’s feedback was impressive; thoughtful and kind. I was surprised how much reading the word of others and reading feedback on their works was helpful.

I generated some of my best work ever!

As someone who primarily writes fiction, I found this class to really help me as far as opening up the possibilities of what I can write nonfiction-wise. I’m very excited about the essay drafts I came out of the class with; this class showed me that I *could* write nonfiction and that I don’t have to be limited to fiction.

Sydney is a great teacher. Always approachable and willing to answer questions. She is an amazing resource and provides great literary examples whatever point that students brought up for discussion.

“It opened a different way of looking at creating poetry.”

I felt like I did in Algebra 2 class when this light went off & I began understanding the work before me that I hadn’t quite grasped in Algebra 1. I’ve been cranking through revising stale stories since the workshop.

“Lise spoke deeply and generously from her own formation as a writer, and about the writing of her two very different books. In my journey to become a published writer of a memoir, even though my formation is as a visual artist and critic, her generosity gave me a case in point to think about. Right now, for me at least I am finding the most inspiration from the teachers of these workshops as models for professional-level work in the field.”

“Lise is sensitive and generous while giving constructive criticism. She is also adept at guiding group discussions.”

“Other than the topics that were all useful and valuable, Sydney included a wonderful revision exercise that I had never considered before–incorporating prose poetry into a piece. I revised my least favorite piece, and it became my favorite piece. ”

“Sydney was a very gifted teacher, capable of elevating my writing, even though I’m a beginning writer. I appreciated her sensitive, thoughtful and practical feedback and how she managed the feedback we gave each other.”

“Sydney was one of the more considerate, warm and insightful facilitators I have met. She was a sharp and welcome contrast to some of the horror stories that we sometimes hear about how such groups can be unkind and kill budding writers’ desire to “expose” their work.”

“This was a fantastic group with a great sense of community. I miss them.”

“I had never experienced the value of the writing community for feedback and encouragement. Wow, Sydney really set the tone, offering acceptance and providing lots of positive direction.”

TRANS Is Not An Abbreviation:
“Excellent. Provided much insight into how to write effectively about non-binary characters. I would recommend Foster to anyone.”

“I loved this class. Foster’s lectures were insightful and inspiring. Exposure to the writing of my classmates was wonderful and often very moving. I’ve taken a ton of writing workshops over the years and this was one of my favorites.”

“Talented, witty and kind. Foster is wonderful.”

“This workshop helped me to trust myself and take more risks in my writing. It also helped me to ask important questions about the ways in which I’ve been holding myself back.”

“I found Andrea’s creation of a ‘gentle accountability,’ as she once put it, very effective.”

“I really appreciate writing in community without the pressure of sharing or workshopping. For me, it’s most important to get my butt in the seat and keep it there, and this 90 minutes each week feels sacred and protected.”


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