Issue No. 15 

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers

My Ancient Land, Symphonic Prelude II | acrylic on canvas | 2014 | 63"x 72"(160 x 184 cm) | Inspired by Chilean composer René Amengual

Jacqueline Unanue, Color Out Loud

Dennis Potter, A Pilgrim’s Fugue
Fiber Works

Lyn Lifshin, I think of my grandfather
Mohineet Kaur Boparai, Waiting for the Festival of Lights
Saddiq Dzukogi, Parenthesis
*David Ishaya Osu, What Was Told
Jennifer E. Brown, My Shining Demon
Anita Olivia Koester, Top Hats and Puppets
*Meggie Royer, Testimony
Matthew Gellman, Cause
John Manuel Arias, ¡Than Call Brad for Help!
Nick Kolakowski, Illuminati Dance
Roy Bentley, The Color Yellow, Love, the Fall of Leaves in Autumn
*Cady Vishniac, Panhandle, Gulf
Constance Campana, Two Deaths

Short Stories!
Nick Kolakowski, Alone With Your Own Disaster
*Crystel Sundberg-Yannell, Dancing Doe and the Go-Go-Go
*Alec Hill, Persimmons
*Connor Fieweger, A Family
Jay Duret, Angel
Ken O’Steen, A Few Quirks of Surrender

Doug Ramspeck, The Old Worlds
*Kaitlyn Burd, * fictitious forces
Kris Willcox, In God’s Mailroom
C.B. Auder, The Iceberg in Future Retrospect
*Daniel Aristi, Benthic
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, Hard Drizzle Falling
Allison Hall, Viscosity
Hannah Lee Jones, In Eden

Creative Nonfiction!
Lisa Rowan, Election Night
Melissa Wiley, The Lions’ Murder Ballad
David Wolf, Unsteady On
Laurie Blauner, Diary of a House
Shelley Blanton-Stroud, Who’s in Charge
Bruce Bromley, What Betsy Was

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Life As Activism
Poetry and Prose on Social Justice

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*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

Cover art: Jacqueline Unanue, “My Ancient Land, Symphonic Prelude II”
Inspired by Chilean composer René Amengual