Fresh-Cut Lit & More

Issue No. 41 SPRING 2023


*Robin Kinzer, Mesenteric Panniculitis at Nine Months
*Yujia Li, Pisser Clam
*Kevin Eguizabal, The shape of a fog
Nathan Lipps, Two Poems
*Jordan Ranft, Creation Myth with Chorus of Worms In My Brain
***Evan Anders, hummingbird sketches

*Thomas Johnson, Shutting Down
*A. J. Jacono, Sahara Dreams
*Samantha Neugebauer, Villains
*Mark Williams, Paraíso
Wendy MacIntyre, The Tattoo
*Mary Lewis, Red Sun
A. C., The Phantom Baby
*Kelly Pedro, The Best Thing You Remember
Caleb Murray, Random Precision

*Christine H. Chen, Mark My Words
Meg Pokrass, Shapes
*Erin Pesut, church (Nonfiction)
Gay Degani, Bully Boys
Anne Panning, Magic Window (Nonfiction)
*Megan E. O’Laughlin, Meditating in Hell (Nonfiction)

*Shabrayle Setliff, To My Once and Future Body
*Meg LeDuc
, Witness to the Aria
Rita Mendes-Flohr, The Secret Annex (Hybrid)
Jacqueline Ellis, Flight Paths

Art That Speaks
Digital Images by David Sheskin

Cover Design by Karen Rile

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist