Fresh-Cut Lit & More

Issue No. 19
Fall 2017

Jaimie Gusman, The Force That Through The Blue Drives My Flower
and A Dozen Raw

Maya Jewell Zeller, My Children Build “Everybody’s Dream Land”
Jenny Montgomery, Puget’s Children
Penney Knightly, A Black Opus
Babo Kamel, Monday Morning
Lucy Anderton, All the Doors Are Humming

Bola Opaleke, BrOkEn GhAzAl fOr AfRiKa
Bruce McRae, About Now
Ed Taylor, Still life With Gin, Falcon, Secret
Michael Dennison, The Submerged Mind
Nina Murray, [The coyotes are judging me]
Jack Israel, Bully Notes
D. G. Geis, Country Funeral
Alexandra Smyth, After
Callista Buchen,

Short Stories
Danielle Holmes, Inherent Risk
*Cary J. Snider, The Bird
Sarah Broderick, Return to the VAMC
Austen Farrell, An Evening Prayer
B. A. Varghese,

Michael Backus, Every Day with Her (New York City, 1982)
Christopher Rodrigues, I Grew a Maple Tree
Becca Borawski Jenkins, 64 Salmon
Leonard Kress, Ex-Biker Chicks and Foxholes
Mercedes Lawry, Tiny Boy and Recall
Heather Bourbeau, We Are All Human…
*Reggie Mills, The Buggy

Creative Nonfiction
Nance Van Winckel, Some Boy with a Football, Making it to Vast Old Age, So What
and First We Must Put on Our Brows
Dan Morey, Hanginaround
Mickey Revenaugh, Bakersfield

Micah Danges, What We See Feels Like The Thing Itself

Issue 19 Contributors’ Bios

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

Cover image: “He had an Awkward Relationship With The Truth” by Emily Steinberg. Mixed Media, Map

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