Front Label for Reparations Wine

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FALL 2020

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Reparations Wine Label Front and Back of Bottle imageReparations Wine Label
An Oenophilogial Collaboration

Text and concept by *J’nai Gaither
Art by *Phoebe Funderburg-Moore

Richard Casimir conducting the Sagrado Corazon Youth Orchestra for a benefit concert in the Parliament of Navarra, located in the city of Pamplona. That concert entitled ¨Music against Inequality¨ was organized by Oxfam Intermon, to raise public awareness in combatting poverty around the world.The Esperanza Project
A Musical Collaboration

Musical Composition and by Richard Casimir
Video Editing by Michael Casimir
“Antumbra” (poem) by **Herman Beavers

Terra in Flux
An Ekphrastic Collaboration
Poetry by Mark Danowsky
Photographs by John Singletary

greyscale image of a little girl twirling in a gardenGregory Emilio, To Make and Eat Time
*Freesia McKee, Eleven Micro-Memoirs from the Pandemic
Roberta Beary, The Years Go By in Single File

small boy peeking through a window to the outdoors*Seyda Akyuz-Mannion, Violation
Christopher David Rosales, Pets for Penitents
Kim Magowan, Gare Du Nord, 1988
*Jared Lemus, Night Class
*Ben Austin, Smoky
Benjamin Soileau, Foxley Redux
Shanna Merceron, Dirty Thirty
Melissa Benton Barker,  Some Other Continent

withered grey dandelionSteve Chang, Triptych
K.S. Lokensgard, Five Ways the World Ends
Susan Frith, Welcome Center (Some Notes for Our Visitors)
Sue Mell, Interval

*Steph Jones, A Sack of Potatoes, The Tired Farmer, & The Mighty World

A pair of sneakers with a mysterious shadow, in the rainEvan Anders, speaking of sunflowers
*Chi Siegel, my lover starts seeing
Brian Ellis, The Price of Hands
**Nicole Greaves, Eidolon
*Rosemary Kitchen, Field Notes for the Magician: Sleight of Hand



Cover illustration by Phoebe Funderburg-Moore

*Cleaver Emerging Artist
**Artist of Philadelphia
***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist