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Deft Perception
Works of Porcelain and Paper, Plausibility and Pause by Hannah Thompsett

Gary Lundy, as if it actually looked that blue.
Walter Bargen, Mare Tranquillitatis
Simon Perchik, [Its shadow is helpless here]
Max Sheppard, Black Chameleon, Orange Dog, Yellow Lightning
Sean Flood, Aloha
Valerie Fox, November Nightmare
**J. C. Todd, The day a little gloomy, sky
E. Kristin Anderson, You’re Always In My Hair
Martha McCollough, Jerome in the Wilderness
mud howard, Clearing
Merridawn Duckler, The Spectrum
Dylan Krieger, bottom feeder
Shinjini Bhattacharjee, Beginning
Tina Barr, Green

Short Stories!
Claire Rudy Foster, The Surfer
*Julia Gourary, Collateral Damage
R.M. Fradkin, IKEA Man
Emily Livingstone, The Townspeople

Joshua Jones, The Catalog People of 1978
Kristin Bonilla, For Every Town a Witch
Anna Keeler, In the Arms of an Electric Eel
Hillary Leftwich, Wild Hares
*Alex EakerWhen Two Brothers Are The Same Age
Christopher David Rosales, Still Life with Carburetor
Drew Knapp, One Miniature Gamebook
Tara Isabel Zambrano, The Dirt Beneath Her Plants
*Krys Malcolm BelcWhile Trying to Decide Whether or Not…
*Sara K. Bennett, The First Time

Creative Nonfiction!
***Sara Schuster, My Father’s Hair
*William Scott Hanna, Little Blue Box
*Allegra Armstrong, Maze of the Giant Heart
*Victoria-Lynn Bell, Five Things