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Judith Schaechter, The Stigma of Beauty, The Stain of Glass

Simon Perchik, [There is skin even the sky] and [Except for the new suit]
*Kenzie Allen, Light Pollution and Letters I Don’t Send #4
Triin Paja, Quasar
*Christian Anton Gerard, Aubade in Afternoon
*Robert E. Heald, River Rising
Lucian Mattison, Homunculus
*Meggie Royer, Graduation Day
Harmony Button, [A brother is a cistern and a bucket with a rope]
*Jon Riccio, Insular
Ted Lardner, How to Jump From a Moving Car
Alexis Rhone Fancher, June Fairchild Isn’t Dead
*Ushshi Rahman, Lee the Baptist
**John Timpane, A Cricket in Washington Square Park
Constance Campana, Road Trip, 1957
Kevin Casey, Ripples, 1978
Matthew Gellman, Trip
John Harvey, Angels Have Cordoned Off Sections of Mount Sinai

Short Stories!
***Meg Pendoley, Birch Waters
Kim Magowan, Squirrel Beach
Melissa Goode, The Whole Damn Lovely Thing
***Kea Edwards, Enchantment!
*Matthew DiPaoli, A Comedy in One Act
*Harley Lethalm, On playing an old Jackson guitar…

Kathleen Rooney, Hommage à Mack Sennett
Doug Ramspeck, Consolations
*Jason Christian, Teaching
*Marya Zilberberg, Cutting Corners
*Daniel Aristi, Torcida / Askew
*Evan Anderson, In the Beginning Was the End
Robert Wexelblatt, The End of War
Ray Scanlon, Atlantic Dystopia

Creative Nonfiction!
Lynn Marie Houston, Rabbit Punch
*Lisa Romeo, Break A Leg
Gretchen Clark, Destroyer
Peter Tiernan, Memorial
Tracy Jones, On Peter Adamyan’s “Blackface Barbie Minstrel Show”

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