Fresh-Cut Lit & More

Issue No. 42 SUMMER 2023


Lynn Finger, It never seemed wrong to love you, it’s just that we were herons
*Grayson Thompson, juniper poplar
Laura Ruby, Among the Wreckage
*Ky Lohrenz, Containment Failure
**Leonard Kress, Colloquy of Young Mothers on Venango Street

*Gillian Perry, Somatics
*J. Bradley Minnick, The Bankrupt Circus
*Tom Sokolowski, Sunk By Mines
*Pat Jameson, Distracted
*Matthew Burrell, Five Seconds
*Brendan Stephens, Hell’s Mountain
*Pat Ryan, The Activist in the Nursing Home
*Lauren Baker, Your Best Impression of an Earnest Man

*Mikki Aronoff, Lift
Jody M Keene, Our Hands Too Small
*Jennifer Popa, Re-Mark the Body, But Know It Is Little More Than Kindling
*Samantha Padgett, An Unnamed Essay in Which the World Ends, but I’m Told Everything Is Okay (Nonfiction)
*Sarah Myers, The Ride (Nonfiction)

Andrew Michael Johnson, Dunes Day
Jon Chopan, An Examination of the Text as it Pertains to the Divorce and
Subsequent Romance between Characters XX and XY
*Carolyn Alessio, Contraindicated
*Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, When You Call His Mother from the Psych Unit

Emily Steinberg, Glass House

Cover Design by Karen Rile

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist