Space and Time” by Amelia Fowler has been recognized among the Notable Essays of 2015 by The Best American Essays
Issue No. 7

Issue 7 Cleaver Magazine

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Fall 2014

graphic Novel!
**Emily Steinberg, Broken Eggs
A Visual Narrative
Introduction by Tahneer Oksman

Nancy Agati, Noticing Water
Public Art

Anthony Cuneo, Thirteen Musings Around My Creative Process
Oil Paintings

Stephen Perloff, The Times, They Were A-Changin’
Urban Photography in West Philadelphia

*Alli Katz, Cats
Works on Paper

Short Stories!
*Caleb Murray, Metempsychosis
Kevin Tosca, The Ingredients of Dog Food
Sean Jackson, How a Ghost is Made
João Cerqueira, Magdalene’s Dream
*Jan-Erik Asplund, Emily
Robert Pulwer, The Conversation
Kelly Ann Jacobson, Raven in the Grass
Steven Anthony George, Le Pain d’Affliction
Marc Labriola, Cutman
Julie Kearney, Sunday in Venice

**Merilyn Jackson, Oysters
*Carly Eathorne, Making Eggs
Glen Armstrong, The Lemon Poem
Dan Encarnacion, Lenitive Man 
Walter Bargen, Bye Bye Olduvai
**Thomas Devaney, Photobooth
Brian Clifton, Office Supplies
Darren C. Demaree, Emily as a Grand Assumption & Emily as Dart and Pivot
**Luke Stromberg, When I Sleep, I Dream of Tsunamis
Karla Cordero, Mikey Comes Home
Deborah Purdy, Lab Child Theorem
Beth Seetch, Miss Torres Woke Us Early
J. Scott Bugher, The Bank Let My Dad Go

Tony Tracy, Feign & Cut

*Michael Head, Small
Alicia L. Gleason, Deadbolt
Andrea Rothman, Little Feathers
Circus, Magic Trick
Madeline Zehnder, The Taste of Others
Melanie Sevcenko, An Open Letter to the Lady Who Always Requests Two Napkins…
Shannon Sweetnam, Macarons

*Amelia Fowler, Space and Time
*Amber Officer-Narvasa, Borderland
Chila Woychik, What the Clouds Bring
Sue Granzella, Beautiful Ugly
Tammy Delatorre, Living Arrangements
Peter Beck, Maine Farm

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

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