Our Wintry Mix
Issue No. 16 

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers

Spring Street
Works on Paper by Thom Sawyer

We Are All Migrating Together
Mural Artworks by Shira Walinsky

Amy Miller, Mountain Guide
Kika Dorsey, The Unborn
Elisabeth Lloyd Burkhalter, Don’t Touch
**Kathryn Ionata, from She Walked Next Door & Her House Exploded
Nicholas Fuenzalida, Conditional [Fall 2009]
Kimberly Ann Southwick, wednesday, february 18th, 2015
Cris Harris, For Joseph, at the Birth of his Grandson
Matthew Gellman, Still Life in a Shivering Town
Justin Jannise, Chameleon and Camera Man
Matthew Mogavero, Pushing Things
*Ben Nardolilli, Affirmation
Roy Bentley, Waking Up in an MGM Musical
**John Timpane, Winter Beforelight
Michele Leavitt, Sheepscot Wellspring Cemetery
Erin McIntosh, frost-bite
Matthew Burns, December

Short Stories!
*Casey Whitworth, A Land More Beautiful Than Here
Amin Matalqa, The Maestro
April Vázquez, Scapegoats
Robert Hinderliter, Jinju in the Dust
*Michael Corrao, Beat Boy
*Alexander Cendrowski, The Observationalist
Josh Wagner, No Repeat Customers
*Kelly R. Samuels, Phase Three of Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy

*Olivia Parkes, The Half Glass
Karen Donovan, Seven Pieces
Geraldine Woods, Fractious
Karl Plank, What He Saw and When the Moon Was New
Marc Harshman, A Toast and Begging For Our Lives
*Jack Wills, Intern

Creative Nonfiction!
*Sam Brighton, Tiny’s Heart
Rick Bailey, Cardio, Lightbulbs, and a Funeral
Charles Green, The Gravity of Joy
*Michael Fischer, Welcome Home

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*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

Cover image: “The Maestro” by Orlando Saverino-Loeb