Fresh-Cut Lit & More

Issue No. 35 FALL 2021


† E. A. Farro, Packing for an Overnight at the State Capitol
Tricia Park, The Distance from Here to There

† Sarah Schiff, Lab Rat Vengeance
† Regan Puckett, Leftovers
 Frankie McMillan, Seven starts to the woman who went over the falls in a barrel
† Peter Amos, Nights When I’m Tired
† J. M. Parker, Autopsy 

Emily Steinberg, Men O Pause

† Sara Davis, Two Students Walk Into A Bar
Suman Mallick, Thanksgiving Bird
† Virginia Eggerton, Inhospitable
Alex Juffer, Named
Sarah Freligh, Our Fathers
Mike Itaya, The Oregon Trail
† Kathryn Silver-Hajo, Thousand-Watt Smile
Kelly Gray, Tell Me How To Build An Audience…
Gay Degani, A Few Necessary Household Rules…
† Nikolaj Volgushev, Moderna
Chelsey Clammer, 29 Reasons Why There Will Be No Reply [nonfiction]
Kimm Brockett Stammen, Jumping Off the End of the World [nonfiction]

† Sara Mae, Bioluminescence
John Cullen, Stingray
† Danny Cooper, flats
† Melody Wilson, Silver Falls and Survivor Guilt
† Tingyu Liu, Monocular
Tom Laichas, Flounder

From the Heart of Old Magazines
Collages by Sherry Shahan

Weird, Weird West
Collages by Chris Vaughan

Cover Design by Karen Rile

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