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Issue No. 44 • WINTER 2023

Story Seek
Five Philadelphia Writers

Winter Quarterly Litmag

*** Monique Danielle, The Love
Marie Manilla, Retrospective
* Hannah Smart, The Detriment of Doubt
* Joshua Ambre, Freedom Trail
Richie Zaborowske, Stay on the Line
* J. Bradley Minnick, A Man’s Reach Should Exceed His Grasp
David Waters, Song of the Redwoods

Todd Robinson, Everywhere the World is Green and Dying
Michelle Bitting, Manger, Emptied
* Gideon Huan-Lang, Transness as Perpetual Paperboy
* Matt Thomas, Anniversary Poem II
Erin Mizrahi, I missed another deadline but it’s okay it’s really okay
* Ginger Ayla, Drink, Anyway, The Light

Meg Pokrass, Mom and the Otters
Patricia Flaherty Pagan, Tidings of Comfort and Joy
* Kelli Short Borges, Two Micros
Jeff Friedman, Four Microfictions
Sue Mell, Transported (Nonfiction)
Beth Broome, Recipe for Viable Zygotes (Nonfiction)
Matthew Guenette, Three Flash Pieces (Nonfiction)

* Jennifer Jussel, This One Small Thing Will Fix Your Sex Life
*** Robbin Farr, To the Man Who Listens for Echoes 

Cover Design by Karen Rile
Story Seek Cover by Jackson Tatge

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist