Fresh-Cut Lit & More

Issue No. 20  Winter 2017

Graphic Narrative
**Emily Steinberg, BERLIN STORY: Time, Memory, Place
Introduction by Tahneer Oksman

Matthew Courtney, Living as Art
Ceramic Works

Tina Barr, Tock Tank
Mag Gabbert, Toucan
Kelsey Ann Kerr, Perfusionist
Maura Way, March & Repartee
Soleil David, Seoul in October

Matthew Schmidt, Kevlar on Our Backs
Kyra Simone, STEREOCARDS: Doubles
Michelle Brooks, Vacation Bible School
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Naming Names
Michael T. Young, The Ration of Independence
Brendan Lorber, One With the Wind & Protocol and Deviance
C. John Graham, The Law of Attraction & Indistinguishable from Background
**Paul Siegell, *GABRIEL*
Erin Slaughter, Beastly
Amy Miller, Resistors

Fabio Morábito, In Honor of Dictation & Underline Books (trans. Curtis Bauer)
*Sylvie Bertrand, From North Dakota to Manitoba
Lorri McDole, Waiting for the Glue to Hold
Eric Wilson, Finnish Black Bread
Greg Jenkins, Storm Watch
*Yuki Yoshiura, Labeling
*Marie BaleoFive Stars

Short Stories
Jennifer Fliss, Mise en Place
*Nikoletta Gjoni, Towards Avalon
Kate Spitzmiller, The Song of St. George
Mary Ann McGuigan, Suffer the Children
Cheryl Pappas, This Violent and Cherished Earth
***David Satten-López, Peety (Washington, D.C., 1959)
*Grace Coberly, The Collected Drafts of Jessica’s Christmas Card to her Ex-Husband

Creative Nonfiction
*Ollie Dupuy, Beauty in Eleven Encounters
***Rachel Nevada Wood, Pomegranate
**Angelique Stevens, The Outline of Empty Spaces
**Lise Funderburg’s Id, Exit Strategies

Issue 20 Contributors’ Bios

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

Cover image: BERLIN STORY, detail, Emily Steinberg

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