Spring(s) & Other Resistance Products
Issue No. 17 

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers

America Unspoken
Paintings by Tina Blondell

Michele Leavitt, Wood Lot in April
Preston Eagan, essay on taking too much Advil PM
Marcia Roberts,
Pipe Lilies Pop Up After Rain & Hannah Finds a Lime in Our Yard
Jeanne Murray Walker, Letter to a Poet
Flower Conroy, 
How is a Tree Like a Snake Like a Heart & Have you ever awoken in a dew-soaked field
Elizabeth Morton, On Hold:
*Madeleine Wattenbarger, Future Ecologies
Gillespie, Florida Man
*Jeevika Verma, dark, darker
Katy Kim, August VIII
Emily Paige Wilson, Cartography
Peter Grandbois, Unfinished
*Kristen Brida,
Describe to me your initial reaction when you got here
C. Wade Bentley, Tiger-Boy
Brenda Butka, April. Taylor Hollow
*Sean Flood,

Short Stories!
J.T. Townley, A Whole New Ballgame
Sarah Sarai, With “Y” as an Absence of Pain
Taylor Kobran, A Difficult Woman
Oestreich, Housekeeping in Seven Cigarettes
Emanuel Melo, The First Communion
Brandon Timm, For The Life of You
Louis Wenzlow, Lithuanian School Commencement Address
*Kyle Kouri, Fuck Donald Trump 

Danielle Dreger, Self-Check
*Nadia Laher, Snake
*Youssef  Helmi, More
Donald Ryan, Escambia
Marc Harshman,
Jail Break & She Didn’t Think of Herself as Religious
Hennessey, Anatomy Lesson
Sabolik, The Man Who Swallowed the Moon
*Elizabeth Schmidt, True Salt
*Ajay Patri, Salvage

Creative Nonfiction!
Nancy Hightower, The Songs of My Youth
*Sydney Tammarine, Barycenter
*Shannon Cothran, Brothers, Boys, and What I Can Do
Sandra Shaw Homer, Alarm

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Life As Activism
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Cover image: “Urban American Gothic.” by Tina Blondell