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Misfit Stories taught by Kathryn Kulpa

Ten days in December only: Fix your MISFIT STORIES
An Intensive Flash Revision Workshop, Dec 6 to 16
Taught by Kathryn Kulpa
Limited to Six Students

Issue 44 launches December 15, 2023
with all new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and flash,
and StorySeek, a new platform for virtual reality journeys combining site-specific poetry, memoir, and fiction with color and sound developed by the Drexel Entrepreneurial Game Studio in collaboration with Cleaver Magazine. Works by five Philadelphia authors trace paths through Germantown, Center City, West Philadelphia, the Wissahickon, and Fishtown. StorySeek’s unique desktop app is part immersive theater, part video game, and part neighborhood poetry slam, offering users a new template for interactive, place-based digital art that celebrates contemporary urban life.

Issue No. 43 • FALL 2023

Poetry Contest Winners

Diane Seuss, Judge

Weijia Pan, Five Stretched Sapphics
First Prize

* Eileen Toomey, Immunotherapy
American Ghazal / Helix
Second Prize

Matt Broomfield, grindr villanelle
Third Prize 

* Geoffrey Billetter, Gorgon Son
Crossword Puzzle
Honorable Mention

* Penny Johnson, Lockdown
Honorable Mention

Maya Salameh, Music to Drown By
Shape Poem

Jeff Pearson, Engagement Corona
Sonnet Crown

Clara Bush Vadala, Parthenogenesis
Sonnet Crown

*** Zachariah Claypole White, OCD Sonnet #3

*Isabel Cristina Legarda, The Body
* Robert Nazar Arjoyan, Drunk in the Graveyard
* Ellie J. Anderson, Ensenada
*Elizabeth Brus, Lina and Nina
Cecile Callan, Home Away From Home
*** Micah Muldowney, Confessions
* Cody Shrum, Zenith
* David Jack Sparks, Dinner is at Seven-Thirty

Anne Anthony, It’s a Mother Thing
Jeff Ewing, The Other Drummer
Will Musgrove, Headed Out West
** Susan Barr-Toman, Old Woman Bearing Fruit (nonfiction)
Chelsey Clammer, Self-Taut (nonfiction)
Jessica Klimesh, Nobody Tells You Any of This (nonfiction)

*** Alex Behm, Main Line
Brooke White, Mermaidia
* Christian Chase Garner, Japanese Beef Curry: A Panoramic

Cover Design by Karen Rile

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist