Issue No. 12 ⋅ Our Wintry Mix ⋅ 2015/16

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers


Michelle Doll, Works on Love
Oil on Canvas & Board

***Laurel Hooker, Why Draw Trees?
Works on Paper

Short Stories!
Alexia Underwood, Two Doormen
**Aimee LaBrie, The Disabled
Jen Julian, We Are Meant For Greater Things
Marie Manilla, Belle Fleur
Douglas J. Ogurek, A Different Kind of Sled
*Nigar Alam, More Than A Pause
Donald Quist, Takeaway
Nels Hanson, Talent Show
*Grace Singh Smith, The Very Diverting History of Maya
Kevin Tosca, Keys
Mark Brazaitis, Tornado

Carla Drysdale, 5 a.m.
Cal Freeman, Epistle to the Cops on a Wintry Night
*Teniola Tonade, To the Haughty Visualist
Larry Eby, Thundersnow
Robert Lietz, Modalities
Franklin K. R. Cline, Domicile
*Samuel Hovda, Angel of the Meridian
Michelle Lin, Trichotillomania
***Eliza Callard, Shadows
Emily Anne Hopkins, Taxidermy for Troubled Boys
Roy Bentley, And Blood on the Tracks in the Tape Player
***Lena Popkin, Pinto los Flores Para Que No Mueren
Sarah Marshall, Salluit
**Lynn Levin, Pokeweed
Erin Jones, Kennett Square
*Susannah Betts, a little handsy
Dan Tessitore, A Mind of Winter
*Alex Vidiani, Stone Food

Paul Crenshaw, Storm
*Erin Victoria Bradley, The Secret World of Yayo
Marc Harshman, Fucked & The Innocent
Doug Ramspeck, Dog Memories
Diego Reymondez, Ecotone Stretch
Adam Schafer, Authentic Twain
*Chua Yini, Action at a Distance

Creative Nonfiction!
Gwendolyn Edward, The Business of Bodies
Sara Alaica, Ten Years in Belgrade
Soyini Ayanna Forde, Teet’
*Betsy Campbell Stone, My Father’s Arms
Rheea Mukherjee, Trip
*Robert Henway, The Insignificant Remains

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*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

Cover art by Michelle Doll