our wintry mix*

Issue No. 4
Winter 2013


Three Conversations with Anastasiya Shekhtman

Dmitry Borshch, Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories
Donna Festa, Portraits of Age
Tish Ingersoll, Five Paintings

Jo Beckett-King, Lemon Tuesday
Brian Druckenmiller, Vinyl
R. Daniel Evans, Blue Santa
Emma Greenberg, The Ferry
Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Icelandic Kisses
Lynn Levin, The Birthday Present
Henry Marchand, A Hunger Artist
Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Francesca
Barbara Nishimoto, Tourist
Jarred Yates Sexton, You Are But a Pilgrim Venturing to a Strange and Honest Land
Anne Dyer Stuart, This Town is Your Town Too
Anthony Wallace, The Christmas Angel

Cullen Bailey Burns, Florida
Zach Fishel, Bloodsuckers
Christine Hamm, R is for Restless
Peter LaBerge, Testimony After the Varicocelectomy
Teresa Leo, 
Miniature and Poem Ending with Six Words from a Women’s Room Stall
Pattie McCarthy, from x y a &&
Jesse Minkert, Mesopotamian Ruins and Wednesday Night in the Juke 
Jessica Morey-Collins, Once Again, Different Now, and Moratorium
Marie Nunalee, blockage no.8
Monica Wendel, Birthday Poem

Kathryn Kulpa, Yvonne in the Eye of Dog
DC Lambert, When Santa Came to Cherry Hill
Lori Lamothe, Lexicon
Sean Lyon, How a Heart
†Catherine Mosier-Mills, Christmas 2009
Lisa Piazza, Look, Here
Kristen Sharp, Telescopes
Kevin Tosca, Romeo & Juliette
Donna Vorreyer, Phenomenon

Sam Cha, In the Mid-Oughties
Ann de Forest, Peace: from The Names of Roses
Kaori Fujimoto, In the Absence of Culinary Mentors
Ivy Hughes, Laverne and Shirley


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