Issue No. 4
Winter 2013


Three Conversations with ***Anastasiya Shekhtman

Dmitry Borshch, Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories
Donna Festa, Portraits of Age
Tish Ingersoll, Five Paintings

Jo Beckett-King, Lemon Tuesday
*Brian Druckenmiller, Vinyl
**R. Daniel Evans, Blue Santa
***Emma Greenberg, The Ferry
Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Icelandic Kisses
**Lynn Levin, The Birthday Present
Henry Marchand, A Hunger Artist
Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Francesca
Barbara Nishimoto, Tourist
Jarred Yates Sexton, You Are But a Pilgrim Venturing to a Strange and Honest Land
Anne Dyer Stuart, This Town is Your Town Too
Anthony Wallace, The Christmas Angel

Cullen Bailey Burns, Florida
Zach Fishel, Bloodsuckers
Christine Hamm, R is for Restless
***Peter LaBerge, Testimony After the Varicocelectomy
**Teresa Leo, 
Miniature and Poem Ending with Six Words from a Women’s Room Stall
**Pattie McCarthy, from x y a &&
Jesse Minkert, Mesopotamian Ruins and Wednesday Night in the Juke 
Jessica Morey-Collins, Once Again, Different Now, and Moratorium
Marie Nunalee, blockage no.8
Monica Wendel, Birthday Poem

Kathryn Kulpa, Yvonne in the Eye of Dog
**DC Lambert, When Santa Came to Cherry Hill
Lori Lamothe, Lexicon
Sean Lyon, How a Heart
***Catherine Mosier-Mills, Christmas 2009
Lisa Piazza, Look, Here
*Kristen Sharp, Telescopes
Kevin Tosca, Romeo & Juliette
Donna Vorreyer, Phenomenon

Sam Cha, In the Mid-Oughties
**Ann de Forest, Peace: from The Names of Roses
Kaori Fujimoto, In the Absence of Culinary Mentors
Ivy Hughes, Laverne and Shirley


*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

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