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Graphic Narrative!
**Kelly McQuain, The Empathy Machine, Part II
A Visual Essay on the Purpose of Art-Making

Miriam Carpenter, A Presence in Wood
Wood Sculpture

Ranen Omer-Sherman,  A Conversation with Tahneer Oksman
author of 
How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses

Short Stories!
Jen Knox, The Living Museum
*Kristen Herbert, Mouettes
Michael Melgaard, When Things Wear Away Other Things
Maria Pinto, Granny and the Bonehead Squad
*Emanuel Melo, Tiago
Willie Davis, Last Words

Tina Barr, Pot of Gold
Joe Nicholas, from The Beauty of Admission
Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Miss Darlene’s Dancing School
*Erika Dane Kielsgard, The Scorpion
*Aaron Graham, Gethsemane
*Odelia Fried, Prophet
Eric E. Hyett, Notes on Poem for My Brother
Michael Kern, The Gas Station by Edward Hopper
*Mark Schoenknecht, Vaseline Sandwiches
Andrew Taw, Study
Yuan Changming, Aubade: A Parallel Poem
Larry Eby, Spring Flight
Paul Tran, Heirloom
Timothy Wenzell, May Procession Practice
*Tyler Kline, Cockcrow
Lyn Lifshin, The Affair
*Smriti Verma, News Delivery
*Meggie Royer, Sugar
***Niyathi Chakrapani, Ode to the Quiet Room

*Svetlana Beggs, The Love Note
Addison Oliver, Two Days
*Rebecca Lee, Mouse Meat
Lisa Piazza, Everyone Means So Well
Anne Panning, Blue: Smoke: Cotton: Teeth: Cat: Jelly: Blow
Michelle Ross, Lessons
Christopher David Rosales, 
Nobody Played the Guitar in the Corner of the Living Room
Karen Levy, Bounty Hunting
Thaddeus Rutkowski, Emu on the Loose

Creative Nonfiction!
*Carmella de los Angeles Guiol, Night Owl
Judy Bolton-Fasman, Not Even a Glass of Water
*Bryanna Licciardi, The Baby Train
Maud Burnett McInerney, Hamlet Therapy

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