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Visual Narrative!
**Emily Steinberg, A Mid Summer Soirée
Introduction by Tahneer Oksman

**Orkan Telhan, A Now for MENAM
A Calendar That Curates Time

Nance Van Winckel, Excerpts from Book of No Ledge
Altered Encyclopedia

Short Stories!
*Svetlana Beggs, Alina
*Shmu’el Bashevis Ben’yamin, Black Wings Flapping
Nick Kolakowski, The Valley
Lisa Lynne Lewis, A Sea of Gurneys
M. Goerig, You Won’t Remember
Necee Regis, The Nut King
Tania Moore, The Corner of Nutley Ave
Samantha Memi, The Differences Between Us
Andy Bailey, Girl on the Moon
Lisa J. Sharon, Whale Watching

**Gregory Djanikian, What I Was Thinking of During the Funeral Service, Douglas, Arizona
Dylan Weir, Aphorism
***Eliza Callard, Pills
*Kamden Hilliard, the energizer bunny leads a march on washington
Lyn Lifshin, But Instead Has Gone Into the Woods
Brenda Butka, Controlled Burn, Wakulla Springs, Florida
Leonard Kress, Stealing the Book
Dan Tessitore, Years in the Making
***Autumn McClintock, Arles
**Michelle Taransky, Esther Friedman
Michael Daley, Dinner, With Alien Abduction
Ori Fienberg, Staying on Track

Mercedes Lawry, Three Flash Pieces
*Chelsea M. Harris, Cream Flavored & Cherry Scented
*Agatha Hinman, In the Headlights
Michael Chaney, A Funeral on the Computer
Lisa Rowan, Kitchen, 1999
Liz Breen, Hallelujah, Cover by Jeff Buckley
Sara Siegel, Palms
*Megan Magers, After Donnie Darko
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, Pick
*Charnell Peters, Synesthesia and You
Jacqueline Doyle, Early Spring Rainstorm

Creative Nonfiction!
John Keats, Buying Local
Helen Park, Roots
Tina Mortimer, Until Gwen
Nick Greer, Thunderbird
Diane Payne, Compost and Bad Poetry
Stephen D. Gutierrez, Letting It Be
*Jessi Terson, Women and Losers
*Hannah Allen, Judging Distance

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