Fresh-Cut Lit & More

Issue No. 26  SUMMER 2019

Click to read PASSAGES: An Installation in Progress by Cheryl Harper

PASSAGES: An Installation in Progress
by Cheryl Harper

Emily Lackey, Ghost Prints
Patrick McNeil, Fire Hazard
† Geri Ulrey, Leave No Trace
Tom Lakin, A Lovely Afternoon

Emily Steinberg, Mid-Century Hipster
MID CENTURY HIPSTER by Emily Steinberg Panel 1: It's been quite a year. Last June I went under the knife. And got a new hip. 6.5 years ago dancing like a 20-something freak at my niece's wedding, my left hip snapped.

† Dyllan Moran, I met my long lost brother for the first time last year.
Jessica Cuello, Force: 2nd Grade
Anne Garwig, Rose
Simon Shieh, Master
† Anne Price, On the Mysterious Noise Out of View of the Bedroom Window
Michelle Dominique Burk, Morning With Cane Corsos & Any Poem Can be a Love Poem…
† Lauren Jacquish, A Chameleon is a Lizard is a Constellation is an Inconstant Person
† Sophie Herron, Valentine’s (Emily II)
David Callan, The Ant Lieutenant Tells Me of His Return
Robert Lietz, Originating Words
Kathryn V. Jacopi, Bayou
David Koehn, Delta 29: Every Level a Line, Every Line a Fisherman’s Net Bag of No Longers

† Kat Saunders, Magic Cicadas
† Jessie Glenn, A Knife to A Mother
Geoff Graser, Behind the Smile
Suzanne Farrell Smith, Sunday
† Susan Scott Peterson, Though You Are Grateful   

† Arya F. Jenkins, Seed
Chila Woychik, Ten Rural
Chelsea Stickle, We’re Not Allowed Outside
Graham Oliver, Dear Zuck, I think…
David Moran, Street Song
† Allison Dreier, Daisy’s Boy
† Micah L. Thorp, The Vulture
† Tory Lord O’Neill, Twelve

Issue 26 Contributors’ Bios

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
Cover illustration: Artist Cheryl Harper’s European Family in the 1930’s, from her essay “PASSAGES: An Installation in Progress

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