Marked” by William Bradley has been recognized among the Notable Essays of 2015 by The Best American Essays

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Winter 2014

Issue No. 8

Cleaver Magazine Issue 8: Art! Graphic Narrative! Fiction! Poetry! Flash! Essays! ::: Cutting Edge!

Graphic Narrative!
Heinz Insu Fenkl, Dr. Zauze’s Xylophone

R.C. Barajas, Of Pinholes & Peepshows
Pinhole Photography

**Mimi Oritsky, Inside Rex
Oil on Linen

**Julianna Foster, Staring at the Sea
Digital Photography

Short Stories!
Emilia Rodriguez, Silkworm
***Annika Neklason, The Herd
***Alina Grabowski, Bergamot
Becky Tuch, Orphans
*Sanaë Lemoine, The Slow Acts
*Charles Ramsay McCrory, No-Bake
**David Hallock Sanders, If You Do Not Know
Emanuel Melo, The Weekly Visit
**John Shea, Figures of Speech

Harmony Button, Nativity
*Amanda Silberling, Variations on Second Children
Robert Lunday, Excerpts from “Paradise, Attained by Touch”
**Julia BlochApology to Los Angeles
F. J. Bergmann, Perfect Discontinuity
Gabrielle Campagnano, Apples on the Cutting Board
Jesse Castaldi Keen, Notes on Constancy
**John Middlebrook, Whispers
John Goodhue, Composure
Paige Riehl, Things that Cannot Die
Samantha Barrow, Vanish

GennaRose Nethercott, Skin
Chris Vola, The Terrible Softness of Tongues
*Charlie Keys Bohem, Your Royal Highness
Heather Bourbeau, Meliai
*Ingrid Claire Wenzler, A Replacement
Jason Newport, Sharpie
Melissa Ostrom, Emergencies, in the Event of
Neil Boyack, Christmas Lights in a Town with a Population of 500
Nick Kolakowski, Little Orestes
Paul Enea, 1973 and 1976
Ron Burch, We are Alive as Long as the Snow is Deep
William Alton, A Rain of Sound

William Bradley, Marked
**Angelique Stevens, If Nothing Changes
Colleen Davis, Polar Bears
Andrea Jarrell, Lost
**Sharon White, Panic
J. J. Anselmi, Atrophy

*Cleaver Emerging Artist

**Artist of Philadelphia

***Both an Artist of Philadelphia & a Cleaver Emerging Artist

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