PUSHING THINGS by Matthew Mogavero


by Matthew Mogavero

I threw my sandwich wrapper out in a trash can. On
the side of the trash can was the word LIMITLESS.

I threw out my sandwich wrapper,
I threw out my clothes and toiletries from my
I threw out my suitcase, I took my clothes off and
pressed them through the rim of that trash can.

A family of seven walked by and then they walked
away a family of three.

I threw out the airplane,
and then threw out my useless ticket.
I threw out the airport terminal, including the free
charge stations and vendor booths,
I threw away the highway that leads here along with
Mike (on his way to work, which I also threw
away) and his car which got me here.

An announcement came through on the intercom
and I pushed that into the trash also.

I went through my phone book throwing all my
contacts away. I felt a little sad about it
but then I also threw that away.
I also threw away any regret before it stopped me
from testing the limits of the moil of this impressive
and miserable trash can.

matthew-mogaveroMatthew Mogavero is from Florida. He has a B.A. in English and Creative Writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa. His work appears in PANK and The Four Cornered Universe. 

Image credit: Allef Viniciuf on Unsplash

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