SOME FACTS ABOUT ALTERNATIVES, a poem by Bruce Robinson, featured on Life as Activism

by Bruce Robinson
Featured on Life As Activism 

What they have done is a desecration
—Kevin Baker

There are alternative readings; there are alternate routes;
There’s an alternative to president, which is dictator;
There are alternative realities, used to be in the movies,
There are choices we were presented with,
but demurred. As politely as possible, perhaps not,

but there was an alternative. There’s an alternative
to acceptance, handed to you by the dictionary,
somewhere around acquiescence, well, no,
but search the thesaurus, the alternativists’ bible,
under antonyms. There’s even an alternative

to persistence, just as there are options
on the menu, we realize you have many options
for your travel accommodations, and we
thank you for choosing acquiescence
to the facts that are silly putty in our hands.

Recent work by Bruce Robinson appears in Mobius, Fourth River/Tributaries, Panoplyzine, and dispatchespoetry. ​His poems were part of the ​”S​hake Your Windows and Rattle Your Walls”​ cabaret sponsored by the ​Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition​.​




Image credit: Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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