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Issue 15

Issue No. 15 

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*

My Ancient Land, Symphonic Prelude II | acrylic on canvas | 2014 | 63"x 72"(160 x 184 cm) | Inspired by Chilean composer René Amengual

Jacqueline Unanue, Color Out Loud

Dennis Potter, A Pilgrim’s Fugue
Fiber Works

Lyn Lifshin, I think of my grandfather
Mohineet Kaur Boparai, Waiting for the Festival of Lights
Saddiq Dzukogi, Parenthesis
David Ishaya Osu, What Was Told
Jennifer E. Brown, My Shining Demon
Anita Olivia Koester, Top Hats and Puppets
†Meggie Royer, Testimony
Matthew Gellman, Cause
John Manuel Arias, ¡Than Call Brad for Help!
Nick Kolakowski, Illuminati Dance
Roy Bentley, The Color Yellow, Love, the Fall of Leaves in Autumn
†Cady Vishniac, Panhandle, Gulf
Constance Campana, Two Deaths

Short Stories!
Nick Kolakowski, Alone With Your Own Disaster
Crystel Sundberg-Yannell, Dancing Doe and the Go-Go-Go
†Alec Hill, Persimmons
†Connor Fieweger, A Family
Jay Duret, Angel
Ken O’Steen, A Few Quirks of Surrender

Doug Ramspeck, The Old Worlds
†Kaitlyn Burd, * fictitious forces
Kris Willcox, In God’s Mailroom
C.B. Auder, The Iceberg in Future Retrospect
†Daniel Aristi, Benthic
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, Hard Drizzle Falling
Allison Hall, Viscosity
Hannah Lee Jones, In Eden

Creative Nonfiction!
Lisa Rowan, Election Night
Melissa Wiley, The Lions’ Murder Ballad
David Wolf, Unsteady On
Laurie Blauner, Diary of a House
Shelley Blanton-Stroud, Who’s in Charge
Bruce Bromley, What Betsy Was

Issue 15 Contributors’ Bios


Ask June
Cleaver’s in-house advice columnist 

Book Reviews
Publications by small and indie presses

Craft Essays

With writers, editors, and more

Life As Activism
Poetry and Prose on Social Justice

Radio Plays
Original plays performed by professional actors

Travel Essays
On the road with Cleaver

Editors’ Blog
What makes us thwack!

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
*Caution: sharp edges

Cover art: Jacqueline Unanue, “My Ancient Land, Symphonic Prelude II”
Inspired by Chilean composer René Amengual

Issue 14

Issue No. 14

Summer 2016

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*


Judith Schaechter, The Stigma of Beauty, The Stain of Glass

Simon Perchik, [There is skin even the sky] and [Except for the new suit]
†Kenzie Allen, Light Pollution and Letters I Don’t Send #4
Triin Paja, Quasar
†Christian Anton Gerard, Aubade in Afternoon
†Robert E. Heald, River Rising
Lucian Mattison, Homunculus
†Meggie Royer, Graduation Day
Harmony Button, [A brother is a cistern and a bucket with a rope]
†Jon Riccio, Insular
Ted Lardner, How to Jump From a Moving Car
Alexis Rhone Fancher, June Fairchild Isn’t Dead
†Ushshi Rahman, Lee the Baptist
John Timpane, A Cricket in Washington Square Park
Constance Campana, Road Trip, 1957
Kevin Casey, Ripples, 1978
Matthew Gellman, Trip
John Harvey, Angels Have Cordoned Off Sections of Mount Sinai

Short Stories!
†Meg Pendoley, Birch Waters
Kim Magowan, Squirrel Beach
Melissa Goode, The Whole Damn Lovely Thing
†Kea Edwards, Enchantment!
†Matthew DiPaoli, A Comedy in One Act
†Harley Lethalm, On playing an old Jackson guitar…

Kathleen Rooney, Hommage à Mack Sennett
Doug Ramspeck, Consolations
†Jason Christian, Teaching
†Marya Zilberberg, Cutting Corners
†Daniel Aristi, Torcida / Askew
†Evan Anderson, In the Beginning Was the End
Robert Wexelblatt, The End of War
Ray Scanlon, Atlantic Dystopia

Creative Nonfiction!
Lynn Marie Houston, Rabbit Punch
†Lisa Romeo, Break A Leg
Gretchen Clark, Destroyer
Peter Tiernan, Memorial
Tracy Jones, On Peter Adamyan’s “Blackface Barbie Minstrel Show”

Issue 14 Contributors’ Bios


Ask June

Book Reviews

Craft Essays


Radio Plays

Travel Essays

Editors’ Blog

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
*Caution: sharp edges

Cover art: detail from “The Birth of Eve” by Judith Schaechter

Issue 13

Curious about how we thwack? Check out this interview in The Pennsylvania Gazette.

 Lucky Issue No. 13  ♣
March 2016

Book Reviews • Craft Essays

and a quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*


Graphic Narrative!
Kelly McQuain, The Empathy Machine, Part II
A Visual Essay on the Purpose of Art-Making

Miriam Carpenter, A Presence in Wood
Wood Sculpture

Ranen Omer-Sherman,  A Conversation with Tahneer Oksman
author of 
How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses

Short Stories!
Jen Knox, The Living Museum
†Kristen Herbert, Mouettes
Michael Melgaard, When Things Wear Away Other Things
Maria Pinto, Granny and the Bonehead Squad
†Emanuel Melo, Tiago
Willie Davis, Last Words

Tina Barr, Pot of Gold
Joe Nicholas, from The Beauty of Admission
Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Miss Darlene’s Dancing School
†Erika Dane Kielsgard, The Scorpion
†Aaron Graham, Gethsemane
†Odelia Fried, Prophet
Eric E. Hyett, Notes on Poem for My Brother
Michael Kern, The Gas Station by Edward Hopper
†Mark Schoenknecht, Vaseline Sandwiches
Andrew Taw, Study
Yuan Changming, Aubade: A Parallel Poem
Larry Eby, Spring Flight
Paul Tran, Heirloom
Timothy Wenzell, May Procession Practice
†Tyler Kline, Cockcrow
Lyn Lifshin, The Affair
Smriti Verma, News Delivery
†Meggie Royer, Sugar
†Niyathi Chakrapani, Ode to the Quiet Room

†Svetlana Beggs, The Love Note
Addison Oliver, Two Days
†Rebecca Lee, Mouse Meat
Lisa Piazza, Everyone Means So Well
Anne Panning, Blue: Smoke: Cotton: Teeth: Cat: Jelly: Blow
Michelle Ross, Lessons
Christopher David Rosales, 
Nobody Played the Guitar in the Corner of the Living Room
Karen Levy, Bounty Hunting
Thaddeus Rutkowski, Emu on the Loose

Creative Nonfiction!
†Carmella de los Angeles Guiol, Night Owl
Judy Bolton-Fasman, Not Even a Glass of Water
†Bryanna Licciardi, The Baby Train
Maud Burnett McInerney, Hamlet Therapy

Issue 13 Contributors’ Bios


Ask June

Book Reviews

Craft Essays


Radio Plays

Travel Essays

Editors’ Blog

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
*contains bees

Cover art by Kelly McQuain

Issue 12

Issue No. 12 ⋅ Our Wintry Mix ⋅ 2015/16

A quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*


Michelle Doll, Works on Love
Oil on Canvas & Board

†Laurel Hooker, Why Draw Trees?
Works on Paper

Short Stories!
Alexia Underwood, Two Doormen
Aimee LaBrie, The Disabled
Jen Julian, We Are Meant For Greater Things
Marie Manilla, Belle Fleur
Douglas J. Ogurek, A Different Kind of Sled
†Nigar Alam, More Than A Pause
Donald Quist, Takeaway
Nels Hanson, Talent Show
†Grace Singh Smith, The Very Diverting History of Maya
Kevin Tosca, Keys
Mark Brazaitis, Tornado

Carla Drysdale, 5 a.m.
Cal Freeman, Epistle to the Cops on a Wintry Night
†Teniola Tonade, To the Haughty Visualist
Larry Eby, Thundersnow
Robert Lietz, Modalities
Franklin K. R. Cline, Domicile
†Samuel Hovda, Angel of the Meridian
Michelle Lin, Trichotillomania
†Eliza Callard, Shadows
Emily Anne Hopkins, Taxidermy for Troubled Boys
Roy Bentley, And Blood on the Tracks in the Tape Player
†Lena Popkin, Pinto los Flores Para Que No Mueren
Sarah Marshall, Salluit
Lynn Levin, Pokeweed
Erin Jones, Kennett Square
†Susannah Betts, a little handsy
Dan Tessitore, A Mind of Winter
†Alex Vidiani, Stone Food

Paul Crenshaw, Storm
†Erin Victoria Bradley, The Secret World of Yayo
Marc Harshman, Fucked & The Innocent
Doug Ramspeck, Dog Memories
Diego Reymondez, Ecotone Stretch
Adam Schafer, Authentic Twain
†Chua Yini, Action at a Distance

Creative Nonfiction!
Gwendolyn Edward, The Business of Bodies
Sara Alaica, Ten Years in Belgrade
Soyini Ayanna Forde, Teet’
†Betsy Campbell Stone, My Father’s Arms
Rheea Mukherjee, Trip
†Robert Henway, The Insignificant Remains

Issue 12 Contributors’ Bios


Ask June

Book Reviews

Craft Essays


Radio Plays

Travel Essays

Editors’ Blog

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
*& works of love

Cover art by Michelle Doll 

Issue 11

Voltage” by Kylie Lee Baker has been selected for republication by plain china, a national literary anthology that showcases the best undergraduate writing from across the country.

Issue 11 Fall 2015Thwack-to-School!

Book Reviews • Craft Essays


and a quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*

Visual Narrative!
Kelly McQuain, The Empathy Machine
On the Poetics of Kenneth Goldsmith

†Paula Rivera, The Dogs of San Juan and the Fish of Philadelphia
Works on Paper and Beyond

Donna Levinstone, Art and Healing
Pastel Landscapes

Short Stories!
Claire Rudy Foster, Hedera Helix
Sara Baker, Mail-Order Bride
Tony Gorry, Lessons in Probability Theory
Shola Olowu-Asante, The Drop Shot
Joe Baumann, Boys with Faces Like Mirrors
Tasha Coryell, The Yellow Facemask
Laura Tanenbaum, The Airport and the Museum
Diane Arieff, God: User Reviews

Gregory Djanikian, Beauty
†Eliza Callard, Nature Poem
†Samuel Hovda, Eternal Calm
†Mica Evans, Get Behind Me, Satan
Alec Hershman, Natural Selection
†Michal Leibowitz, Birdshot
†Zoe Stoller, Something Special About This Street
Cynthia Atkins, My Persona
Sarah J. Sloat, Medieval Photographer
henry 7. reneau, jr, rev. dr. king
Michael Kern, The Current Was Weak 
Ross Losapio, Caesar is Dead, Long Live Caesar
†Laurin DeChae, Alpha ∞ Omega
Simon Mermelstein, An Apology

Elizabeth Frankie Rollins, Flu, 1917
Patricia Flaherty Pagan, The Angels of Pont-Saint-Esprit
†Caitlin McGill, Waning 
†Kylie Lee Baker, Voltage
Sharon Kurtzman, Canned Happiness
Gerri Brightwell, My Promotion
†Rachael Tague, My Boyfriend’s Estranged Grandfather
Caroline Swicegood, Over and Under

Creative Nonfiction!
Angelique Stevens, Keeping Time
†Shannon Viola, Touched from the Sky
Barbara Haas, Russia is Not Like Us
Travis Kiger, Nom de Voyage
†Kirsten Aguilar, The Death of a Baby

Contributors’ Bios

Editors’ Blog

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
*& tentacles & a typewriter or two 

Issue 10

Book Reviews  Craft Essays

and a quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*

Summer 2015

Issue No 10

Visual Narrative!
Emily Steinberg, A Mid Summer Soirée
Introduction by Tahneer Oksman

Orkan Telhan, A Now for MENAM
A Calendar That Curates Time

Nance Van Winckel, Excerpts from Book of No Ledge
Altered Encyclopedia

Short Stories!
†Svetlana Beggs, Alina
†Shmu’el Bashevis Ben’yamin, Black Wings Flapping
Nick Kolakowski, The Valley
Lisa Lynne Lewis, A Sea of Gurneys
M. Goerig, You Won’t Remember
Necee Regis, The Nut King
Tania Moore, The Corner of Nutley Ave
Samantha Memi, The Differences Between Us
Andy Bailey, Girl on the Moon
Lisa J. Sharon, Whale Watching

Gregory Djanikian, What I Was Thinking of During the Funeral Service, Douglas, Arizona
Dylan Weir, Aphorism
†Eliza Callard, Pills
†Kamden Hilliard, the energizer bunny leads a march on washington
Lyn Lifshin, But Instead Has Gone Into the Woods
Brenda Butka, Controlled Burn, Wakulla Springs, Florida
Leonard Kress, Stealing the Book
Dan Tessitore, Years in the Making
†Autumn McClintock, Arles
Michelle Taransky, Esther Friedman
Michael Daley, Dinner, With Alien Abduction
Ori Fienberg, Staying on Track

Mercedes Lawry, Three Flash Pieces
†Chelsea M. Harris, Cream Flavored & Cherry Scented
†Agatha Hinman, In the Headlights
Michael Chaney, A Funeral on the Computer
Lisa Rowan, Kitchen, 1999
Liz Breen, Hallelujah, Cover by Jeff Buckley
Sara Siegel, Palms
†Megan Magers, After Donnie Darko
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, Pick
†Charnell Peters, Synesthesia and You
Jacqueline Doyle, Early Spring Rainstorm

Creative Nonfiction!
John Keats, Buying Local
Helen Park, Roots
Tina Mortimer, Until Gwen
Nick Greer, Thunderbird
Diane Payne, Compost and Bad Poetry
Stephen D. Gutierrez, Letting It Be
†Jessi Terson, Women and Losers
†Hannah Allen, Judging Distance

Contributors’ Bios

Editors’ Blog

A Cleaver Emerging Artist
*& tentacles & a typewriter or two 

Issue 9

Just Read” by Rebecca Lambright has been selected for republication by plain china, a national literary anthology that showcases the best undergraduate writing from across the country.

Book Reviews • Craft Essays

and a quarterly magazine of original works
by artists & writers*
Spring 2015

Issue No. 9


Graphic Narrative!
Miriam Libicki, Turning Right on Cassady
Introduction by Tahneer Oksman

Short Stories!
Gemini Wahhaj, The Hurricane
†Donald Collins, Jeep, Red
†Patrick Ball, Geology
Kim Steele, Holiday
Rachel Hochhauser, Tallboy
Talila Baron, A Letter
†Ariella Carmell, Double Feature
†Leticia Urieta, Querencia
Marc Labriola, Self-Portrait with Broken Nose
Lucy Ribchester, The Lightfooted Thieves

Jennifer Moore, Our Lady of the Marvelous Wrists
Kallie Falandays, Before Before Before
Jessica Hudgins, Scalding
Sally J. Johnson, Tonight the Stars Are Strung Up Like Elegies
Deborah Burnham, ABC for the child who lived twenty-six days
Kathryn Smith, Poem for Trending Tragedy
Herman Beavers, Obsidian Blues # 36
Jerrod E. Bohn, [Peach juice coated the lips so that each song]
Bruce Alford, Study to be Quiet
Kathryn Hellerstein, The Crows
Jeremy Freedman, The Duck Lady
Taylor Rickett, Alligator Teeth
Conor Kelly, After Vallejo
Ernest Hilbert, Atlantica

Emily Grelle, Five Flash Pieces
Cathy Ulrich, Your Mother Sings When She’s Alone
†Elizabeth Alexander, Tony
Debra S. Levy, At the Beach
Gabriel Thibodeau, Bangle
†Nadia Laher, Zumba Fever
Catherine Nichols, Hush, Puppies
Nancy Hightower, Tell-Tale
Heather Jones, Willie: Premonition
Paul Kavanagh, Kiss

Creative Nonfiction!
Danielle Harms, Fragile Bodies
†Rebecca Lambright, Just Read
Suzanne Cope, Certificate
†Cheryl Smart, Horses in the Wrinkle
K.C. Wolfe, Brother’s Keeper

†Tara Stella, Hidden in Plain Sight
Instagram Photography

David Novack and Dylan Hansen-Fliedner, Finding Babel
Fiction and Non-fiction Blend in Documentary Film

Contributors Bios!
Read the bios for all contributors to Issue No. 9

Editors’ Blog!

A Cleaver Emerging Artist

*and some tough chicks, one mouse, and two alligators


Issue 8

Marked” by William Bradley has been recognized among the Notable Essays of 2015 by The Best American Essays

Book Reviews Craft Essays

and a quarterly magazine of original works
Winter 2014

Issue No. 8

Cleaver Magazine Issue 8: Art! Graphic Narrative! Fiction! Poetry! Flash! Essays! ::: Cutting Edge!

Graphic Narrative!
Heinz Insu Fenkl, Dr. Zauze’s Xylophone

R.C. Barajas, Of Pinholes & Peepshows
Pinhole Photography

Mimi Oritsky, Inside Rex
Oil on Linen

Julianna Foster, Staring at the Sea
Digital Photography

Short Stories!
Emilia Rodriguez, Silkworm
†Annika Neklason, The Herd
†Alina Grabowski, Bergamot
Becky Tuch, Orphans
†Sanaë Lemoine, The Slow Acts
†Charles Ramsay McCrory, No-Bake
David Hallock Sanders, If You Do Not Know
Emanuel Melo, The Weekly Visit
John Shea, Figures of Speech

Harmony Button, Nativity
†Amanda Silberling, Variations on Second Children
Robert Lunday, Excerpts from “Paradise, Attained by Touch”
Julia BlochApology to Los Angeles
F. J. Bergmann, Perfect Discontinuity
Gabrielle Campagnano, Apples on the Cutting Board
Jesse Castaldi Keen, Notes on Constancy
John Middlebrook, Whispers
John Goodhue, Composure
Page Riehl, Things that Cannot Die
Samantha Barrow, Vanish

GennaRose Nethercott, Skin
Chris Vola, The Terrible Softness of Tongues
†Charlie Keys Bohem, Your Royal Highness
Heather Bourbeau, Meliai
†Ingrid Claire Wenzler, A Replacement
Jason Newport, Sharpie
Melissa Ostrom, Emergencies, in the Event of
Neil Boyack, Christmas Lights in a Town with a Population of 500
Nick Kolakowski, Little Orestes
Paul Enea, 1973 and 1976
Ron Burch, We are Alive as Long as the Snow is Deep
William Alton, A Rain of Sound

William Bradley, Marked
Angelique Stevens, If Nothing Changes
Colleen Davis, Polar Bears
Andrea Jarrell, Lost
Sharon White, Panic
J. J. Anselmi, Atrophy

A Cleaver Emerging Artist

Contributors Bios!

Editors’ Blog!

*chop, chop!



Issue 7

Space and Time” by Amelia Fowler has been recognized among the Notable Essays of 2015 by The Best American Essays
Issue No. 7


thwacksing eloquent*

Fall 2014

graphic Novel!
Emily Steinberg, Broken Eggs
A Visual Narrative
Introduction by Tahneer Oksman

Nancy Agati, Noticing Water
Public Art

Anthony Cuneo, Thirteen Musings Around My Creative Process
Oil Paintings

Stephen Perloff, The Times, They Were A-Changin’
Urban Photography in West Philadelphia

†Alli Katz, Cats
Works on Paper

Short Stories!
†Caleb Murray, Metempsychosis
Kevin Tosca, The Ingredients of Dog Food
Sean Jackson, How a Ghost is Made
João Cerqueira, Magdalene’s Dream
†Jan-Erik Asplund, Emily
Robert Pulwer, The Conversation
Kelly Ann Jacobson, Raven in the Grass
Steven Anthony George, Le Pain d’Affliction
Marc Labriola, Cutman
Julie Kearney, Sunday in Venice

Merilyn Jackson, Oysters
†Carly Eathorne, Making Eggs
Glen Armstrong, The Lemon Poem
Dan Encarnacion, Lenitive Man 
Walter Bargen, Bye Bye Olduvai
Thomas Devaney, Photobooth
Brian Clifton, Office Supplies
Darren C. Demaree, Emily as a Grand Assumption & Emily as Dart and Pivot
Luke Stromberg, When I Sleep, I Dream of Tsunamis
Karla Cordero, Mikey Comes Home
Deborah Purdy, Lab Child Theorem
Beth Seetch, Miss Torres Woke Us Early
J. Scott Bugher, The Bank Let My Dad Go

Tony Tracy, Feign & Cut

†Michael Head, Small
Alicia L. Gleason, Deadbolt
Andrea Rothman, Little Feathers
Circus, Magic Trick
Madeline Zehnder, The Taste of Others
Melanie Sevcenko, An Open Letter to the Lady Who Always Requests Two Napkins…
Shannon Sweetnam, Macarons

†Amelia Fowler, Space and Time
†Amber Officer-Narvasa, Borderland
Chila Woychik, What the Clouds Bring
Sue Granzella, Beautiful Ugly
Tammy Delatorre, Living Arrangements
Peter Beck, Maine Farm

A Cleaver Emerging Artist!

Editors Blog!

Book Reviews!

Contributors’ Bios!

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©cleaver magazine 2014

Issue 6

Believers” by Elizabeth Mosier has been recognized among the  Notable Essays by The Best American Essays.

snap, crackle, thwack*

Issue No. 6

Summer 2014


Fujiko Nakaya, Fog Artist
by Myra Lotto

Jay Pastelak, On Snapshots

†Ilana Ellis, Portraits of Friendship
Oil on Canvas

†Erin Peraza, The Thing About a Boat-in-a-Bottle is Nobody Steers
Geoff Peck, Tough
Jenny Wales Steele, Couch
Sidney Thompson, Is This It
Henry Margenau, It’s the Noise You Miss Most in This Giant New World
Erika Price, The Elephant
Grace Connolly, Flying
Patrick Dacey, Ballad
Max Bartlett, Birds / Nerves
Amy Burns, Hunger

Guest Editor’s Preface
by Teresa Leo
Charlotte Boulay, Scientists Have Discovered
Susan Charkes, To Catch the Ocean in Your Bucket
You Have to Point Your Bucket Toward the Shore and Hollows
Grant Clauser, The Magician Considers his Audience
Megan Denton, Early Girl and Queen Anne’s Lace
Leonard Gontarek, Vehicles
Kelle Groom, Story of the Moon and Solis Dies
Steve Klepetar, One of Those Worlds
Deirdre O’ConnorA Man and a Name and Self Portrait as Autistic Sky
Brooke Schifano, The Insides

Connor Towne O’Neill, Steady Moves Its Own Stillness 
Melissa Sarno, Fall on Me
†Shaun Turner, Kentucky Snakes
Mercedes Lawry, The Acolytes, Liar, and Box
Joshua Isard, Platitudes
†Devin Kelly, Growing Up

Rebecca Entel, Critter Control
Elizabeth Mosier, Believers
†Tricia Park, On the Q

A Cleaver Emerging Artist!





*chop, chop!

©cleaver magazine 2014

Issue 5

use under competent supervision*

Issue No. 5
Spring 2014


Anastasiya Shekhtman, The Old Man and the Pool
Artist’s Book

Laura Mecklenburger, “Vulnerary” and an Art Witch
Ritual Objects and Installation Art

†Brennan Cusack, How to Master Social Media
†Alina Grabowski, Scorcher
†Juniper Green, Degenerative Diseases of the Brain
Jason Kapcala, Bungalese Constrictor
Jamie Lin, Flesh and Blood
†Molly McGinnis, Better
Rachel Estrada Ryan, Hungry
†Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Places to Walk Out To
Daniel W. Thompson, Daffodils
Shannon Sweetnam, Mirabel River Girl, Champion Speller
B.A. Varghese, All Good Things
Anthony Wallace, Black Raincoat, Blue Stockings

Nicole Callihan, In the Mews
Lauren Hall, The Miser and Possum
Zachary Lundgren, Branded
George Moore, Psychogenic Fugue
Patricia Colleen Murphy, The Birth of No
Kim Suttell, Shackled
Kathy Lou Schultz, Jackson listens to the birds
J.C. ToddOn the Romance of Parkland

Royee Zvi Atadgy, An Even, Perfect Burn
Laurie Blauner, Assembling An Anatomical Life
Nick Kolakowski, The Great Wave Carries You Forward
Thompson Mayes, Pigeon
Olive Mullet, In Search of Death
Justin Nicholes, A Sad, Logical Capitulation
Ray Scanlon, Arachnicide
Robert Wexelblatt, March 5, 1953

Rick Bailey, All Ears
Jane Carroll, Wings to Go
Melissa Duclos, Confessions of a Facebook Mom
Michael G. Smith, Beyond River, Beyond Canyon
Mary van Ogtrop, The Last One In
†Shannon Viola, In My Time

†A Cleaver Emerging Artist!




©cleaver magazine 2014

Issue 4

our wintry mix*

Issue No. 4
Winter 2013


Three Conversations with Anastasiya Shekhtman

Dmitry Borshch, Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories
Donna Festa, Portraits of Age
Tish Ingersoll, Five Paintings

Jo Beckett-King, Lemon Tuesday
Brian Druckenmiller, Vinyl
R. Daniel Evans, Blue Santa
Emma Greenberg, The Ferry
Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Icelandic Kisses
Lynn Levin, The Birthday Present
Henry Marchand, A Hunger Artist
Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Francesca
Barbara Nishimoto, Tourist
Jarred Yates Sexton, You Are But a Pilgrim Venturing to a Strange and Honest Land
Anne Dyer Stuart, This Town is Your Town Too
Anthony Wallace, The Christmas Angel

Cullen Bailey Burns, Florida
Zach Fishel, Bloodsuckers
Christine Hamm, R is for Restless
Peter LaBerge, Testimony After the Varicocelectomy
Teresa Leo, 
Miniature and Poem Ending with Six Words from a Women’s Room Stall
Pattie McCarthy, from x y a &&
Jesse Minkert, Mesopotamian Ruins and Wednesday Night in the Juke 
Jessica Morey-Collins, Once Again, Different Now, and Moratorium
Marie Nunalee, blockage no.8
Monica Wendel, Birthday Poem

Kathryn Kulpa, Yvonne in the Eye of Dog
DC Lambert, When Santa Came to Cherry Hill
Lori Lamothe, Lexicon
Sean Lyon, How a Heart
†Catherine Mosier-Mills, Christmas 2009
Lisa Piazza, Look, Here
Kristen Sharp, Telescopes
Kevin Tosca, Romeo & Juliette
Donna Vorreyer, Phenomenon

Sam Cha, In the Mid-Oughties
Ann de Forest, Peace: from The Names of Roses
Kaori Fujimoto, In the Absence of Culinary Mentors
Ivy Hughes, Laverne and Shirley


A Cleaver Emerging Artist!


©cleaver magazine 2013

Issue 3

Anthony Wallace’s story “Do Not Use Quotation Marks to Indicate Irony” received a Special Mention from the Pushcart Prize.

Literature & Art Go Back to School*
Fall 2013

Issue No. 3


 Filip Noterdaeme, American Arcadia
Surrealist Collage

Toisha Tucker, Individuation, Identity, and the Parenthetical
Conceptual Art

†Morgan Gilbreath, The Ground Beneath My Feet
Glass Art in the Community

Jim O’Loughlin, Leaves of Grass App Update

Bonnie Altucher, Bobby Fear
Kieran Duddy, Cathedral
John Oliver Hodges, My Bitter Love
Julia Hogan, Remnants
DC Lambert, Candyland
Maggie Light, Quitter Takes All
Dan Micklethwaite, The Immaculate Sadness of Peter J. Beech
†Ashley Paxton-Turner, Liney’s Sense of It
Jane Sussman, The Runner
†Sarah Van Name, The Wasps and the Queen
Anthony Wallace, Do Not Use Quotation Marks to Indicate Irony
Benjamin Woodard, The Long Green Stretch, The Tall Trees, The Clouds Shaped Like Stars

†S.I. Adams, Pesante Con Moto/Allegro Barbaro
Jennifer Faylor, Conversations overheard in a bowling alley when there is a city wide power outage
Jason Gordon, String Theories
Nicole Greaves, Sack of Scarabs and Moments in the Trees
Matthew Harrison, New Worlds Are Old News
Stephanie Papa, All This
†David Poplar, Navigation by Spoonlight
Alex Schmidt, Hide-and-Seek
Paul Siegell, We’ve Come for Your Blood Test Results and We’ve Come for your Yuengling Yammering
William Winfield Wright, It’s Not a Contest
Chavisa Woods, This
Jerrold Yam, Picasso in 10 Lines and Snow

Lily Brent, The Biological Need to Adapt
Lauren Brown, Quintessence
Carlo Matos, Honey
Mercedes Lawry, Puzzling and Breathing Room
Lindsay Miller, A Nice Place to Visit
Lydia Pudzianowski, Ghost Story
Desiree Wilkins, Leap Year Baby

Andrew Browers, Somewhere, A Honeybee
Andrea Jarrell, On the Miracle Mile
John Michael Mumme, On (And Off) Consistency
Michael Nagel, America
Olivia 子琁 Tun, What the Stars are Saying
†Hannah White, Adventures in Gym Class

William Beem, “Milo”




† A Cleaver Emerging Artist!



*in the bee-loud glade


©cleaver magazine 2013

Issue 2

Literature, Art, & The Goddess*
Summer 2013

Issue No. 2


Rithika Merchant, Comparative Mythologies
†Leah Koontz, Bi-Product
Emily Steinberg, The Modernist Cabin

 Brian Baumgart, This Film of My Life ...
Bill Brown, Openings and November’s Edge

Mike Harper, I Didn’t Know How to Spell Spondylolisthesis
Rich Ives, Carefully Wrapped Festival of Discovery

Jen Karetnick, Night Sweats
Timothy Kercher, The Tao of Words
Nissa Lee, Before Going Out and An Omen
Prairie Markussen, On Beige
M. A. Schaffner, We Have to Talk and With An ‘Oon’ In It
Luke Stromberg, Memorial Day
Anna Strong, from Aposthropes
Randi Ward, Clothesline, Peonies, and Spring

John Carroll, Journalism
George Dila, That Summer
Amber Lee Dodd, Crocodile Hands
Carly Greenberg, Wash, Rinse, Repeat
Kate LaDew, The Song in a Cloud
Mark Mondalek, The Straight Warp of Necessity
Daniel Torday, Air Conditioner

R.C. Barajas, You Were Going to Tell Me
Kat Carlson, Baby Pictures
Rachel B. Glaser, Turid
Katherine Heiny, After Dinner
Eva Lomski, They Shared a Fish
Chris Ludovici, Daisy
Mark Lyons, The Place of the Red-footed Rooster…
Jason Newport, The Law of Constant Angles
Jennifer Pullen, Of Snakes and Stones
Christopher X Shade, In Very Little Time on the Nile
Jenny Wales Steele, Keep the Change
Caleb True, The Pain

“The Dig” from Lion and Leopard
Nathaniel Popkin

Kathryn Hellerstein, My Writer’s Block
Jamie-Lee Josselyn, Dispatch from the Cat Show
Roger Leatherwood, Rolling Empty
Anya Lichtenstein, Beating Ploughshares into iPods
Timothy Kenny, Duckpin Bowling with Caitlin and Buffalo Bill
Grace Maselli, Beyond the Blue Ridge
Eric G. Müller, Bicycles and Frog Rain

†A Cleaver Emerging Artist!





*and also some chickens


©cleaver magazine 2013

Issue 1

Literature, Art, & Some Chickens

Spring 2013

Issue No. 1



Ann de Forest, Closing the Curtains
Jim Eigo, Underground & Death Panel
Michelle Fost, Why Not Throw Kisses
Lise Funderburg, The Dilettante’s Devotional
Angel Hogan, Tiny Magics
Kathryn Kulpa, Locavore
Charles Rafferty, A Sighting
†Max McKenna, Gary’s Sister
Rachel R. Taube, Worm-Dirt
Kevin Tosca, The 104, Tibet, & Like That

 †Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Photographs
Ira Joel Haber, Works on Paper
Writer Beth Kephart Interviews Artist William Sulit, Chicken Dance

Darlene P. Campos, And We Slept in a Wigwam
Michelle E. Crouch, Free Coffee for Atheists
Austin Eichelberger, On Lux
Rebecca Entel, Perfect Companion
Katherine Higgs-Coulthard, Lifeboat Theory
Keith Rebec, Going Ringside

Renée K. Nicholson, Out of the Blue
†Kristen Martin, Between the Frames
Sarah Buttenweiser, The Oldest Mom in the Room

Deborah Burnham, Albino
Lawrence Eby, from Flight of August
Rachel B. Glaser, In Heaven
Kelly McQuain, Jam
Marybeth Rua-Larsen, Heat
Miriam Sagan, Gone
John Timpane, In a Dry Month
Kevin Varrone, Birthplace of a Nation

A Cleaver Emerging Artist!

Notes and Sundry From Our Editors

New Small-Press Publications of Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction


*what is flash?

Preview Issue

Presenting the

All-Flash .05 Preview Issue
February 2013


Cormac by Martha Cooney†
The Curated Home by Michelle E. Crouch
Onyx by Rebecca Entel
The Ask Sandwich by Lynn Levin
Waking by Michael Neil Morris
Bones by Rachel Pastan
Zahra by Nahid Rachlin
Encounter with the Devil by Thaddeus Rutkowski
Subject by David Schuman

The Rise of the Selfie in the 21st Century:
Blake Martin writes about Instagram


Scrabble by Beth Kephart
Humming by Kathryn J. Allwine Bacasmot
Everything Must Go by Elizabeth Mosier

Interiors by Frances Brent
Gin A Juniper Slick
by Katherine Fallon
The Game’s Last Breath by John Grey
Dear Couch by Anna Strong†
Sonata for Clavier and Violin, K. 526 (September 2008) by Samuel Thompson†

†A Cleaver Emerging Artist!